Who Is Three Man Booth?

Kyle became a Wrestling fan after seeing the Ultimate Warrior save Hulk Hogan from Sid Justice & Papa Shango at Wrestlemania 8. He, fiitingly, ran Warrior Style from his room to the television. He has since made better, but still questionable, choices as to which wrestlers he likes.

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LeKeith‘s Likeness has been replaced by Cat photos since before Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller but after The ‘Big Cat’ Ernie Ladd. It’s his Oz. Rather than pull a Kevin Nash and bury his sorrows in a bathtub of Just For Men, LeKeith accepts it: Cats are Cool.

When not ranting about Hulk Hogan, LeKeith writes for We’ll Fix It In Post, Around the Couch, and Twitter, where he sometimes rants about Hulk Hogan.

There is a Third Man to This Faction.
Who Is This Masked Man?
Spoiler Alert: It’s Not The Masked Man.
Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Who
Just Who is It?
You’ll Find Out At the Bash At the Beach!
You Wanted a War? You Got One!

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