About: Three Man Booth

When CM Punk Said “I Want to make Wrestling fun Again!” during the magnificent Summer of 2011 (aka The Summer of Punk), Three Man Booth took these words to heart.

(Photo Courtesy of bleacherreport.com)

There are many sites devoted to the news of the wrestling world: the hires, the future endeavors, the handshakes and their refusals, the various tryouts, the tests and the people who failed them. They are, frankly, much better at keeping track of that information and that’s not our intention.

Three Man Booth wants to focus on the other aspects of Wrestling: Favorite Themes, Favorite Matches, Random Pieces of Memorabilia, and any other random discussions Wrestling Fans have. Those make Wrestling Fun.

So Join Us in Making Wrestling Fun Again. Maybe We’ll Be Able to Make Other Things Fun in the Process.


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