Unprofessional Wrestling: MTV’s The Challenge: Champs v. Pros Week 4

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What did CM Punk do this week’s The Challenge: Champs versus Pros? Unfortunately, Punk was eliminated. But we’ll get there. First, Punk’s day started with most Challenge contestants least favorite thing: a puzzle. They teams competed in “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize,” a relay puzzle. One person lifted the puzzle. One person looked at the puzzle and described the puzzle piece position to two people. Two people ran to relay that information to two other people. Those two people ran to the final person who had to recreate the map. Confusing? Yup. That means it comes down to a lot of teamwork.

The Pros were on the losing end of this contest. And not to the fault of any person. Punk promised to run his ass off for Team Captain, Gus Kenworthy, and he did. He was in the first runner relay position. Still, as part of the losing team, Punk and Gus had to face off in the Arena.

The Arena game was Ice Bath. Gus and Punk had to solve a puzzle, consistent with the day’s theme. The twist was they have to submerge their arms in tubs of ice between each round. Punk, always playing mind games, pulled an awesome move and ate one of the ice cubes while submerged!

Further cementing his place in MTV Challenge GIF history. Also, this GIF:

Man, that’s cold! Both Pros braved several rounds in the bath but Punk came up on the losing end. He earned $1000 for his charity, PAWS Chicago, and made some new friends along the way.

Who knows? Maybe CM Punk will return for the finale. Or the reunion!

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