Unprofessional Wrestling: MTV’s The Challenge: Champs v. Pros Week 2

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CM Punk on this week’s The Challenge: Champs versus Pros had a real MTV experience!

He settled a long time “feud” with former NFL player Shawne Merriman. Years ago, Punk and Merman exchanged tweets after a crossing paths in Costa Rica. It wasn’t a major issue but still, Merriman wanted to address it. Both being pros, Shawne and CM Punk squash their beef to work on their goal: winning money for their respective charities.

But… then the feud was back on!

The Champs beat the Pros in the Tailgate BBQ challenge. Since Punk was the captain, he was automatically placed in the gauntlet. While the team was voting to see who Punk would face, Shawne nominated himself! Why? Maybe because he and Punk came in last in their respective heats? Or maybe their beef wasn’t as squashed as it seemed.

They faced off in the Blindsided duel in the Gauntlet. Each competitor – blindfolded – and has to find each other and strike them with a breakable stick. The first to 2 breaks wins the event. It’s the Challenge’s version of a blindfold match but with kendo sticks.

Punk entered the Gauntlet in a grand fashion, doing a somersault roll!

 Punk won the Gauntlet, sending Merriman home with $1,000 for his charity, the Lights On Foundation. But he wasn’t done! Between heats in the Tailgate BBQ Challenge, CM Punk and Johnny Bananas got in a heated war of words:

 Usually, we’d have future Punk/Bananas match-ups for the rest of the Challenge season. But, Bananas was eliminated by Wes during the Champs Gauntlet. Now we have to wait until the reunion special to see if (how) the Punk/Bananas feud will be resolved. Who will Punk feud with next week? We’ll be tuning in to find out!

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