So That Happened: WWE Backlash 2017 (Don’t Hinder Jinder)

Last night, WWE held their SmackDown exclusive event, Backlash on the WWE Network. The blue brand put on their best effort as usual, featuring the in-ring main roster debut of Shinsuke Nakamura.

Breeznango losing to The Usos, but winning our hearts.

We didn’t FORGET Tommasso Ciampa…

But back to Backlash…

We also saw Kevin Owens retaining his United States Championship against AJ Styles in the Match of the Night.

And Becky Lynch’s Wild and Crazy Hair.

The stars of SmackDown Live putting on a great show, the highlight of Backlash goes to one person.

No. Not Luke Harper. Jinder Mahal.

Despite Randy Orton destroying Jinder’s accomplices, The Singh Brothers.

And feeling no remorse for it,

Jinder Mahal prevailed and became the NEW WWE Champion!

It’s real! And we couldn’t be happier for Jinder Mahal.

Hopefully Jinder’s luck will rub off on other former 3MB Members.


We’re looking forward to seeing what Jinder Mahal does next. Hopefully, we’ll be as excited as this commentary team.

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