3 Count: King of Song Style

In 3 Count, Three Man Booth will Discuss Wrestling Related Music: Good, Bad & Otherwise

WWE Backlash is tonight and we’re all excited for one thing: the debut of “The Artist” Shinsuke Namakura on the Smackdown Live roster.

To go along with that moniker, we found different team’s  interpretations of  his entrance music, “The Rising Sun.”

Guitar Cover – It Lives, It Breathes

Shinsuke Nakamura is a rock star so naturally a rock version of his theme would fit as well. Anthony Di Biase of It Lives it Breathes awesomely translates the violin part of “The Rising Sun” into an electric guitar. Plus, there’s a full band version where they scream “YEAOH!”


8-bit version –  8 bit Universe

Nakamura’s character seems like he could have just as easily come from a videogame as he comes from the world of wrestling. 8 Bit Universe captures the essence of “The Rising Sun” in MIDI format. Even if we are past the days of Super Nintendo / Sega Genesis wrestling games (WWF Royal Rumble, looking at you!), it’s nice to know that his theme would sound awesome, even in that era.

Piano, Violin and Vocals – Katie Linendoll

Why have one instrument when you can have three: WWE Superfan Katie Linendoll on piano, Emi Aoki on violin, and Marcy Richardson on vocals. Not only is the video the King of Queens of YouTube Style, but the theatrics of the video would definitely be Nakamura approved. Especially Marcy Richardson, who sang the tune of “The Rising Sun” while upside down, spinning from a circle. So if you see a Cirque du Soleil entrance for Nakamura in the near future, this video is probably why.

Accordion – Jackson Parodi

Jackson proves that Nakamura’s theme translates across every instrument. “The Rising Sun” on Guitar? Sure. “The Rising Sun” on MIDI? Yup! “The Rising Sun” on Piano, Violin and Vocals? Of course! But “The Rising Sun” on Accordion? Hey, it works! Plus, pay close attention to his fingers. They’re like a blur!

Electric Violin – Kay Suzuki

Kay Suzuki may be the inspiration for Shinsuke Nakamura’s NXT Takerover Brooklyn II entrance with Lee England Jr. Before making this video, Suzuki made some notoriety with her cover of Nakamura’s New Japan Entrance music, “Subconscious.” Suzuki is backed by a full band but the violin is front and center.

If more classical orchestras played music like “The Rising Sun” we’d definitely be at more concerts. We’d be doing this but still:



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