Highlight Reel: Becky Lynch’s Toughest Opponent Yet

Most of Becky Lynch’s 2016 in WWE has been Straight Fire. Becky has had a show stealing match at WrestleMania. She became the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion, and she retained her crown as the Queen of Puns.

Unfortunately for the Lass Kicker, her 2016 has ended on a sour note. Not only did she lose her Women’s Championship, and the rematch to Alexa Bliss, but she also struggled with another tough opponent over the holidays….

A can of pineapples.

And who can blame Becky Balboa? Have you ever tried opening a can of pineapples?

First you’re excited.

Then you’re determined.

Then you’re frustrated.

Then you try alternate methods.

Then you lose your mind.

We applaud Becky Lynch for putting this match on her Instagram page, because it is has all the dramatics of a classic rivalry. Does Becky Lynch defeat the can of pineapples? Only one way to find out!

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