So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (03/08/16)

Hey everyone! It’s time for an all new Total Divas recap. So let’s get started, shall we?

The Scooter Gang

The Bella Twins catch up with Renee Young after her birthday weekend. She got a scooter as a present. After seeing photos, Brie Bella decided that she wants one. Nikki thinks that scooters are dangers and Brie is not coordinated enough to ride a scooter.

While Renee is visiting in Phoenix, Brie mentions that she’s been window shopping for a scooter. She found a scooter seller on Craigslist that has what she is looking for. Renee likes the idea so they call the dealer. They agree to meet in a public place to make the scooter purchase. Also, Brie is bringing Daniel Bryan for backup.

As they approach the public place, they see a white van. This makes Brie think of Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger! It turns out that Keyon is cool; no danger here. He brought 2 scooters: one started right away; the other didn’t. They haggle Keyon into getting both scooters after a tune-up. Daniel Bryan uses an interesting negotiation tactic. He honks the horn of the scooter each time Keyon is lying.

At the Bella family brunch, Brie debuts her new wheels. First Daniel Bryan arrives and then the Scooter Gang – Renee and Brie – arrive together.

Nikki freaks out at the site of Brie on the scooter. Everyone at the Bella Brunch, everyone agrees that Brie can handle riding a scooter, much to Nikki’s dismay.

Later, Nikki goes to the Danielsons house. She asks Daniel why he isn’t worried for Brie’s life when she’s on the scooter. Daniel says that the scooter purchase makes sense: it’s more affordable and they do not need a second car. Plus, the scooter is going to be used for short trips anyway, not for excursions on the highway. Nikki says that they should listen to her; their lives would be better. Daniel says that they don’t listen to her and that’s exactly why they are much happier.


It’s For The Baby

Rosa, as a pregnant woman, eating for 2 and kinda loving it. As a wrestler, she’s used to having to maintain a certain diet; now, she can let loose a little.

Backstage, she’s having her second (or third?) plate. Nattie steals a snack off Rosa’s plate. Paige narrowly avoids Rosa’s plate and a cute cat feud with Nattie.

Back at home, Bobby thinks that Rosa is eating too much, which makes Rosa think that Bobby is saying that she is getting fat and unattractive.

Also, Bobby started baby proofing the house; the first thing he did was install baby cameras. The cameras have a live feed that they can check on their phones. Bobby even put a camera in front of the refrigerator, which makes Rosa upset. She thinks that his is trying to shame her into eating less.


Rosa goes to have brunch with fellow Total Divas Eva Marie, Mandy and Mandy’s Man, Michael. Rosa explains that she’s already gained 30 pounds because of the baby and she thinks Bobby is trying to fat shame her. They think Bobby is being ridiculous. When Rosa mentions the cameras, Mandy thinks that Rosa should play a prank on Bobby.

Later, at Rosa’s house, Mandy comes over to help Rosa “gorge” on food. She eats all sorts of junk food, filling her mouth with whip cream, right in front of the camera for Bobby to see. There’s one problem: Bobby has been so busy at work that he hasn’t been checking the camera feed. He doesn’t even know he’s been pranked.

Rosa and Bobby decide to talk about this issue. Bobby doesn’t think Rosa is getting fat. Bobby thinks he’s been getting fat. Since Rosa’s become pregnant, he’s gained 20 pounds in sympathy weight. He needs to have the junk food removed from the house for his good, not for Rosas.

They have a doctor’s appointment. They’re able to see the baby on the sonogram. All signs are pointing to good for both the baby and for Rosa. Rosa mentions to the doctor that she’s been eating a lot more since becoming pregnant. She says that the baby has a sweet tooth so she’s been eating cakes and cupcakes. The doctor says that it’s fine but it’s not the baby; it’s Rosa. Still, she’s allowed to have more food but she should go easy on the cupcakes.

Mother Knows Best (Unless It’s Kevin):

Paige’s Mum is in town for a visit. Her name is Saraya Knight is also a world famous wrestler and a bit terrifying as a mother and a wrestler.


As such, Paige is hesitant to tell her Mum about her relationship problems with Kevin. Saraya adores Kevin, after spending time with him during Wrestlemania 31 weekend. She thinks he’s a good guy.

Paige keeps trying to distract her Mum (and herself) during the visit. She takes Saraya to her favorite bar and starts dancing

She takes her Mum to a trampoline gym. They do wrestling moves in a room with wall to wall (and floor to floor) trampolines. Then, at brunch, Paige thinks she’ll tell Saraya about her situation with Kevin. Instead, she tells her Mum that, one day, she’s going to put her in a home.

She doesn’t have the courage to tell her Mum. Saraya knows that something is wrong and it’s worrying her. Paige walks out.

Saraya tells a story about Paige as a child. She was missing her front teeth and she used to sing Spice Girls songs.

Finally, Saraya and Paige has a heart to heart. Saraya wants to make sure that Paige is grounded and that someone doesn’t try to get a TMZ-story out of her for partying too much or something like that. Saraya knows what it was like for her at 23 and doesn’t want the same thing for Paige.

Paige tells Saraya about her relationship issues with Kevin. Saraya says that Paige isn’t meant to be pinned down. Paige knows that her mother will always be there for her and support her, even during difficult decisions. This helps Paige make a big decision. She and Kevin are officially over. Paige moves out of their apartment and into a new place. She calls Kevin to let him know that she’s moved out most her stuff and will get the rest later. They didn’t speak all day so she didn’t know what his reaction would be. The relationship entered more positively than Paige thought it was going to. Paige is so busy, there’s no time for love. She’s going to take a break from guys for a while.

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