Nation Of Animation: Happy #NationalBossDay, Sasha Banks!

It’s no secret that we love Sasha Banks. It’s no secret that almost every wrestling fan loves Sasha Banks. But when you have a Boss, like Sasha, what’s not to love?

Sasha Banks is an amazing wrestler

She has the ability to inspire others

She’s not afraid to call out her critics


Or make them feel important

And Sasha’s also a nerd

Like…a HUGE Nerd

Athleticism, Leadership and Nerdiness are things we like to see in our bosses. So since it’s National Boss Day, we decided to pay a tribute to our favorite Bo$$, by “Bo$$ifying” Huffington Post’s Top 10 Traits Of An Exceptional Boss article. Enjoy!

Bosses figure out who they should listen to and who they shouldn’t

Bosses hold themselves and others accountable

They’re not full of surprises

(Or sometimes they are)

They fix things

They have a feel for the business.

They manage up and sideways effectively

They’re awesome decision-makers

They’re effective, not productive

(Sasha’s also productive)

They live for their jobs

They have a sense of humor


and Empathy

And most importantly, they get the job done

Thank You, Sasha Banks for being the Boss we need/deserve. And if for some reason, you claim you’re not a Sasha Banks fan…then we have one song for you:

Happy National Bo$$ Day!

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