So That Happened: #RAW Recap (04/27/15)


RAW begins with the King Of The Ring Video

Eden Stiles introduces the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, who comes out with J & J Security and Kane.

Seth Rollins says last night, Randy Orton learned what the WWE Universe has known for a long time: You cannot outsmart Seth Rollins. Rollins reminds the WWE Universe that he single-handedly built and destroyed The Shield and cashed in his Money In The Bank Contract at the most opportune time at Wrestlemania to defeat Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Seth Rollins says last night he proved he’s going to be a fighting and valued champion. Rollins says Orton thought he had Rollins where he wanted him in the steel cage, but Rollins claims he had Randy Orton right where he wanted him. Rollins claims he beat Randy Orton all by himself.

Seth Rollins continues to brag about beating Randy Orton at Extreme Rules, talking about banning the RKO and hitting Randy Orton with the ultimate insult, the “SKO.”

Seth Rollins thanks Kane for doing what was Best For Business, saying he did his best as the crypt keeper. Rollins apologizes saying the Crypt keeper is a face from the 90s that no one cares about.

Kane says if it wasn’t for him being the Crypt keeper, Randy Orton would’ve been the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Rollins would’ve been whining like the spoiled brat that he is. Kane tells Rollins that he’d rather be the WWE version of the Crypt keeper than the WWE version of Justin Bieber.


Seth Rollins says Kane is jealous of him and should go home. Kane fires back and calls Rollins scared. Rollins claims he’s not scared and can wrestle circles around Kane.

The Authority is interrupted by Randy Orton.

Randy Orton says he’s not the kind of guy who comes out and complains about cheating, but when someone in The Authority comes out and calls Rollins out on cheating by using the RKO, that sounds like ground for a rematch. Rollins says that isn’t what Kane says and this isn’t the Kane or Orton regime, it’s the Rollins regime. Rollins says Orton gets one shot and one shot only.

Randy Orton calls Seth Rollins “Catwoman” then tells him to shut up.

Randy Orton asks Kane about a rematch, but before Kane can answer, he is interrupted by Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins asks Roman Reigns why he’s out here. Roman Reigns says he’ll let him know as soon as if he shuts the hell up. Reigns calls out The Authority on missing their giant, and talks about how he took Big Show out and is the Last Man Standing.

Roman Reigns tells Randy Orton with all due respect, Orton had his chance, and if anyone deserves a match against Seth Rollins AKA Justin Bieber, it’s him.

After a loud “Justin Bieber” chant, Seth Rollins mocks Roman Reigns victory, then reminds both Reigns and Orton that they both lost to him, so neither of them deserve an opportunity at his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane interrupts Seth Rollins, saying both Roman Reigns and Randy Orton make compelling arguments. Kane says he’s going to do what’s Best For Business and makes a tag match between Randy Orton and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins and Kane. Kane as for the title match, Kane is going to let the WWE Universe decide who gets the title shot.

Match 01: Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett (KOTR Qualifyer)

Dolph Ziggler wants to win the KOTR, but it’s hard to concentrate due to #ScumbagSheamus at Extreme Rules. Ziggler says it was the most humiliating moment of his career, but promises Payback.

Bad News Barrett comes out next.

Bad News Barrett says he has Bad News for other competitors in this tournament. Barrett calls himself the one man who is fit to be the King Of The Ring and vows to become “King Barrett” and rule the WWE.

Bad News Barrett goes for the Bullhammer, but Dolph Ziggler counters with the Superkick.

Dolph Ziggler gets distracted by #ScumbagSheamus, who reminds Dolph Ziggler about having to kiss #ScumbagSheamus’ arse.

Bad News Barrett takes advantage and hits Dolph Ziggler with a Bullhammer.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

The New Day Speaks:

Xavier Woods says the New Day are the WWE World Tag Team Champions.

Xavier Woods thanks every one of their clappers, who clapped for all of the New Days Troubles.

Xavier Woods tries to lead the WWE Universe in a new clap. The New Day starts chanting “New. Day. Rocks” but the fans keep chanting “New. Day. Sucks.”


Match 02: Tyson Kidd vs. Big E.

Tyson Kidd kicks Big E.

Big E. clotheslines Tyson Kidd.

Xavier Woods holds down Tyson Kidd’s foot.

Winners: Big E.

Match 03: Ryback vs. Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas comes out next.

Bo Dallas calls Ryback reprehensible for his actions at Extreme Rules. Dallas says Ryback might be the Big Guy, but Dallas is gonna be the Bigger Man. Dallas wants Ryback to prove himself in front of these “disgusting cheeseheads.” The Green Bay WWE Universe starts chanting “Go Pack Go.”

Bo Dallas tells Ryback that all he has to do is Bolieve.

Bo Dallas gets the upperhand on Ryback.

Ryback quickly makes work of Bo Dallas.

Winner: Ryback

Post-Match, Bray Wyatt appears.

Bray Wyatt attacks Ryback and hits him with Sister Abigail.


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