So That Happened: #RAW/#AfterManiaRAW Recap (03/30/15)


RAW begins with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman


Paul Heyman introduces himself as the advocate of the most non-PG Asskick of the PG Era, Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman addresses Wrestlemania, saying Brock Lesnar laid a beating on Roman Reigns the likes that which no one ever saw at Wrestlemania. Heyman continues to hype the beating Lesnar beating Reigns, saying he did nothing but suplex (multiple times) through the canvas.

A Suplex City chant breaks out.

Paul Heyman corrects the crowd, saying…

Paul Heyman continues to hype the beating Roman Reigns was getting from Brock Lesnar, then talks about Reigns taking the beating and smiling. Heyman says he won’t spend his time tonight singing Roman Reigns’ praises, saying he can sink or swim on his own from here. Heyman says Lesnar almost respects Reigns, but Reigns has more to go.

Paul Heyman says Brock Lesnar got bored, and hungry, and tries to end the match with Roman Reigns, but was interrupted by “Slimy, Disgusting, Little” Seth Rollins. Heyman mentions Rollins cashing in the Money In The Bank, Curb Stomping everyone and getting a pinfall on Roman Reigns, not Brock Lesnar. Heyman calls Rollins the most undeserving WWE Champion of anybody’s lifetime.

Paul Heyman says his Father is a prominent New York Attorney. Heyman talks about getting an injunction, having the decision reversed in court, and tying WWE in litigation for multiple months. Heyman says unfortunately for him, his client, Brock Lesnar thinks all lawyers are scumbags and does not want to do any of that. Heyman says Brock Lesnar wants to invoke his rematch clause.

Paul Heyman says the rematch will not happen at Summerslam, Wrestlemania 32, Extreme Rules or Payback, it is happening right here and now, tonight!

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are interrupted by Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon says everyone is so ready to move past Wrestlemania, then hypes how great Wrestlemania 31 was. Stephanie compliments Brock Lesnar on one of the greatest Wrestlemania Main Events she’s ever seen. Stephanie says he took it to Reigns, but from the look of it, she took it to him too.

A loud Ronda Rousey chant breaks out.

After a loud Ronda Rousey chant, Stephanie McMahon asks the WWE Universe if they want to see a rematch for the WWE Championship. If they do, they better not make her angry, or else they won’t get what they want.

Stephanie McMahon tells Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman that Seth Rollins had to do an appearance on NBC’s Today Show in NYC, and was not back yet. Stephanie tells Lesnar and Heyman that when he gets here, Rollins will prove he’s a fighting champion and will be up for the challenge.

Paul Heyman says he will give Stephanie McMahon not a prediction, but a spoiler. Heyman says for the first time in over a decade, Brock Lesnar will wrestle live on Monday Night RAW.

Paul Heyman tells Stephanie McMahon that Brock Lesnar deliver a beating to Seth Rollins, then pin or tap out Seth Rollins. Heyman says Stephanie will hear this announcement not from Lilian Garcia, but Heyman: The Winner and Once Again, The Reigning, Defending, Undisputed Heavyweight Champion Of The World, Brock Lesnar.

Match 01: Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan (Intercontinental Championship)

Daniel Bryan comes out next.

Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan lock up.

Dolph Ziggler catches Daniel Bryan with a dropkick.

Daniel Bryan locks Dolph Ziggler in a Surboard.

Daniel Bryan makes it worse.

Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan dive over the ropes.

Daniel Bryan hits a running kick in the corner.

Dolph Ziggler catches Daniel Bryan with a mini-piledriver.

Daniel Bryan hits Daniel Bryan a Top Rope Back Suplex.

After a backslide fight, Dolph Ziggler catches Daniel Bryan with a Superkick.

Daniel Bryan kicks out.

Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan go from punching each other to headbutting each other.

Daniel Bryan catches Dolph Ziggler with the Solid Knee Plus.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Daniel Bryan

Post-Match, Bad News Barrett attacks Daniel Bryan.

Bad News Barrett goes for the Bullhammer, but #ScumbagSheamus makes his return!

Sheamus_Barber_3MBTweet courtesy of BlackBarberCuts.

#ScumbagSheamus takes Daniel Bryan out with a Brogue Kick.

#ScumbagSheamus begins to pummel and slap around Dolph Ziggler.

#ScumbagSheamus takes Dolph Ziggler down with White Noise.

#ScumbagSheamus knocks Dolph Ziggler out with a Brogue Kick.

The WWE Universe chants “You Look Stupid” towards, #ScumbagSheamus.

#ScumbagSheamus picks up the mic and says he’s back.

Match 02: The Ascension, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The New Day and The Lucha Dragons


Sin Cara catches Cesaro with a hurricanrana.

Sin Cara catches Cesaro with a springboard armbar.

Kalisto hops on Cesaro’s shoulders then backflips.

Kalisto catches Cesaro with a spinning headscissors.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd hit the Swing/Dropkick on Sin Cara.

The WWE Universe keeps chanting “New Day Sucks.”

Kofi Kingston get caught with an uppercut.

More “New Day Sucks” chants break out.

Viktor and Cesaro get into an argument.

Kofi Kingston in tags in Kalisto, who wastes no time.

Kalisto catches Viktor with a hurricanrana drop.

Big E does a Belly To Belly with Tyson Kidd onto Cesaro.

Kofi Kingston dives onto Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Konnor.

Kalito hits the Salida Del Sol on Viktor.

Winners: The New Day and The Lucha Dragons

Backstage: Paul Heyman lets Brock Lesnar know Seth Rollins is here. Lesnar and Heyman make their way towards the ring.

Neville Debut Video:

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