Snapshots: Not The Right Track

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Even before their official debut, The New Day – Big E, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston – have been doing what they can to be noticed. They were all in the #1 Contender Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship … #1 Contender. They’ve been bonding outside of the ring to make their in-ring chemistry even better. They’re not doing it for the Vine; they’re doing it for the Day (Ain’t gonna do it!).

Do it for the Day! (Ain’t gonna do it!)

So why is the WWE treating them like this?


Why is the The New Day a pun in a New Years’ Sale for

3MB_WWE_NewDay_WWEShopSaleC’mon, WWE. That’s not what The New Day is about.
That’s not the right track, not the right road.

GIF Courtesy of ProWrestlingNow

GIF Courtesy of ProWrestlingNow

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