So That Happened: #TotalDivas Season 03 Mid-Season Premiere Recap (01/04/15)


Arrive, Paige, Leave:

Paige is seen hiding from pyro in a hard hat.

Paige introduces herself, as 22 years old Diva from Norwich, England, who has been wrestling for 9 years. Paige ends her intro with a special message.

After Paige jumps and Natalya, the two of them talk about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Workout DVDs. Paige asks Natalya about her relationship with Tyson Kidd. Natalya doesn’t want to talk about it, so Paige asks Natalya to go to a party with her. Natalya reluctantly accepts.

Natalya and Rosa Mendes are watching Paige vs. Naomi with Cameron interfering. Rosa thinks Paige looks like a Porcelain Doll.

Later, Natalya and Paige go out to a house party. Fandango and Bad News Barrett are there as well. While partying, Natalya admits this isn’t her scene.

It gets worse when Natalya accidentally eats a “Happy Brownie.” Paige tells Natalya that she has a Happy Brownie. Natalya freaks out and tries to throw it up.


The next day, Natalya see Paige and Emma at the gym.

Paige asks Natalya how she’s doing. Natalya is nervous because she never smoked pot before and doesn’t want to get drug tested. Natalya goes through all of the symptoms and Paige jokes that she’s still high as Emma eavesdrops on the conversation.

Later at WWE TV, Paige, Emma, Rosa Mendes and Titus O’Neil are hanging out in catering, making jokes about chocolate. Emma gets called in for drug testing. Paige calls Natalya to let her know drug testing is today.

Natalya, who has Cameron in the car, freaks out and tries to avoid the drug test by getting into a car accident. Cameron tries to talk some sense into Natalya, but Natalya drives into a giant dumpster.

Cameron reminds Natalya that pot stays in her system for 30 days. After talking with Cameron, Natalya finally decides to go to the arena to take the test.


Later, Natalya tells Paige, Rosa Mendes and Emma her crazy day about losing her boots and getting into an accident. Cameron walks over and tells them the truth, which Paige finds hysterical.

Later, Paige meets Natalya at her house, bringing gifts. Paige gives Natalya nasal strips and cat gifts. Natalya tries to call her cat over with a weird voice.

After the gift giving, Paige reveals that there was never any pot in the brownie and that she did that as a joke to get Natalya to lighten up.


Natalya thinks it’s an immature joke that wasn’t funny and wants to give the cat toys back. Paige jokes that if the cats enjoy the toys, she should keep them. After Paige leaves the house, Natalya calls Paige a bitch in her cat voice.

The End Of The Bellas?


John Cena reiterates he’s not good for Nikki Bella and that he thinks they need time away from each other. Nikki Bella thinks it’s bizarre because she’s finally giving John Cena what he wants.

Daniel Bryan returns from rehab in his Brie Mode shirt.

Brie Bella tells Daniel Bryan the John Cena news and is surprises Cena didn’t tell her that she talked to the family. Bryan asks if she’s going to tell Nikki got involved and Brie doesn’t want to, because it’ll hurt Nikki more.

At WWE TV, Brie Bella thanks John Cena for not mentioning the Bella Family in the relationship. Cena says he doesn’t throw people under the bus. Cena tells them Brie not to feel bad because she didn’t want her to feel bad. If it was anyone’s fault, it was his.


Later, Nikki Bella tells Brie Bella that she drank 2 glasses of wine last night because her heart is broken. Nikki hates not sharing her life with John Cena and wants to go to the donut place because she needs it.

Later, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella have dinner with JJ and Kathy Bella. Brie confesses that she feels guilty about going behind Nikki’s back. JJ thinks Brie needs to woman up and stick with her decision. Brie and JJ get into an argument until Kathy tells them they need to tell Nikki what they did because their family is not built on secrets.

Mark Corrano has a meeting with the WWE Divas, hyping Brie Bella vs. Stephanie McMahon at Summerslam, claiming it’ll do big things for the division. Brie is excited to be facing Stephanie McMahon.

Later at Bella Family Dinner, Nikki Bella tells the family that John Cena wants her to stay in Tampa while he stays in San Francisco. Kathy drags Brie to her room and tells Brie to tell Nikki about what she did now.

Brie finally admits to Nikki that they met with John Cena and admitted that they had a secret meeting with John Cena to discuss his relationship with Nikki Bella. As expected, Nikki Bella is not happy that they invited Cena to “lunch” to do this. Brie keeps correcting Nikki, saying it was breakfast.


Nikki Bella is pissed because her family got involved, saying that her family is not allowed to call her boyfriend for breakfast and discuss how she feels. Brie, JJ and Kathy try and smooth things over, but it doesn’t better. Nikki Bella storms out of the house, while Brie reminds her she drove her here.

Brie Bella and JJ Bella chase Nikki Bella outside and try to stand up for themselves, but Nikki Bella still doesn’t listen to them. Kathy tells Brie and JJ to go inside.

Kathy Bella tells Nikki that this wil all work out, but Nikki is upset that everyone did this behind her back. Meanwhile, Brie and JJ are blaming each other for this situation. Kathy goes inside and scolds the two of them, then flips them off while Nikki Bella calls a car to leave.

Nikki Bella gets into a car as Brie Bella tries to apologize her. Nikki responds in a sisterly fashion.

After John Cena and Nikki Bella reconcile, Cena tells Nikki about the meeting with Brie, and Nikki tells Cena that she hates Brie Bella and doesn’t want to talk to her again.

At WWE TV, Nikki Bella tells Brie Bella that she will remain professional because they are at work, but she wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Brie Bella is upset because she is at the highest point in her career.

At Summerslam, Nikki Bella tells Paige that she’s going to be turning on Brie Bella tonight. Nikki is happy about this since she hasn’t been getting along with Brie for a while. Nikki Bella thinks the storyline couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time.

Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon have their match.

Towards the end of the match, Nikki Bella turns on Brie Bella.

So That Happened:

This Season On Total Divas:

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