So That Happened: #TotalDivas (09/21/14)


Total Divas begins with Stephanie McMahon at WWE Payback.

Brie Bella talks about how WWE puts their real lives sometimes into WWE Storylines. Total Divas shows the Brie Bella quitting storyline, while Eva Marie, Cameron and Nikki Bella watch backstage.

After the segment, Nikki Bella tells Brie that she loved the segment. Nikki asks Bryan and Brie about their situation. Brie tells Nikki that Bryan will be out 6-8 weeks and she quit on TV to stay with Bryan and take care of him. Brie jokes about the rumors of her pregnancy on the internet. Bryan jokes that he’s trying to get it done.

Later, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are having dinner with Kathy and JJ Bella and JJ Bella’s Girlfriend. While having dinner, Bryan and Brie are talking about their backup plan (Or lack thereof) for when they’re finished wrestling. Kathy suggests Bryan and Brie go through the interview process at Kathy’s Recruiting Firm, JBN. Bryan jokes that he’ll come to the interview in tie dye.


At Smackdown, Nikki Bella, Eva Marie and Cameron are watching Adam Rose vs. Fandango. As the match goes on, they realize the Chicken in the Rosebuds. The Chicken reveals herself to be Summer Rae!

Natalya is not happy about Summer Rae’s return, saying that she looks like an actual chicken. Natalya compares Summer Rae’s return to having sand in her vagina.

Later, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are preparing for an interview. Bryan is concerned about wearing dress socks.

Brie suggests he puts his hair in a ponytail. Bryan complains that it’s way too hot to be wearing a suit.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella arrive at the office and have a couple pieces of candy.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella go through the interview process with Kathy’s Interview Recruiter. Vamessa. Vanessa asks Bryan and Brie about their resume, but neither person brought one. Bryan says he has his in his head: WWE Champion.

During the interview process, Brie admits that she is a people person, but wouldn’t enjoy an 8-5 routine. Bryan jokes that although he isn’t a People Person, but he has 1.4 Million Twitter Followers and started a “YES!” chant, which has translated outside of wrestling and into other sports. The recruiter asks if he can support a family on a “YES” Chant.


Later, Natalya and Rose Mendes are at the gym when Summer Rae returns.


Summer and Rosa talk about Summer shooting the Marine 4 and cute guys on set. Nattie is surprised Summer didn’t sleep with anyone.

While working out, Natalya talks about how great Layla is as Fandango’s dancer partner, since she is a real dancer. Summer Rae tries to defend her partnership with Fandango. Rosa asks Summer, if she feels the Divas are going to be jealous. Natalya thinks no one is going to be jealous since Summer Rae isn’t the first Diva to do a movie in the WWE.

After Summer Rae and Rosa Mendes say goodbye. Rosa asks Natalya what that was all about. Natalya warns Rosa Mendes about Summer Rae, saying Summer isn’t a sweet person.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are trying to find business plans. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella talk about starting a Bed and Breakfast. Brie would love to bring positive energy in. Bryan would love to bring sex, which Brie counts as positive energy.

Eva Marie and Jonathan are on their way to her Parents’ place for 4th of July Weekend. Eva Marie is dressed like Cleopatra, and Jonathan is wearing a collared shirt. Eva and Jonathan plan not to stress her Dad out on the wedding. Eva tries to make sure Jonathan doesn’t say anything about converting, but Jonathan tells her he’s not going to say he’s considering it.

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are looking at the Bed and Breakfast. While the place is exactly what they want, the price is $800,000. Unfortunately for Bryan and Brie, they can’t afford it right now. Brie wants to open a mortgage, but Bryan doesn’t want to go into debt. Brie and Bryan agree to look at the finances and see where they’re at.

Eva Marie and Jonathan’s Family are having a good time at the 4th Of July Party, until Eva Marie’s Family discuss the Catholic Wedding with Jonathan’s family. Eva Marie’s Dad, Barry asks Eva if she would have a Catholic Wedding. Eva says if she could, she would. Barry wants to have a Catholic Wedding. Jonathan thinks Eva is throwing her under the bus, which Eva Marie disagrees. Jonathan wishes Eva had her back and decides to walk away before things get worse.

Eva Marie follows Jonathan, who doesn’t want to talk to her right now. Jonathan thinks Eva should be even more passionate about helping her instead of just her family. Eva Marie brings up her Father’s sickness, and that she’s torn and confused about what to do. Jonathan understands and loves Eva, but thinks her approach is ridiculous.

Later, Brie Bella is talking with Nikki Bella about her dream Bed and Breakfast, but knows $150,000 deposit is something Bryan doesn’t want to put down. Brie tellls Nikki her idea of wanting to borrow $100,000 from John Cena and Nikki Bella.

Nikki Bella isn’t sure how John Cena will feel, but thinks if they set up a payment plan, Cena will be okay with it. Nikki doesn’t want to let her sister down, so she agrees to ask Cena. Brie Bella hugs Nikki, while Nikki calls Brie out on making things weird.

Later, Eva Marie is talking with her Father Barry. Eva Marie doesn’t want to disappoint him by not having the Catholic Wedding. Barry tells Eva that although he wants a Catholic wedding, it’s their live and that she has to have her husbands’ back. Barry promises to always support Eva, saying that as Eva and Jonathan are happy, then he and Eva’s Mother will be happy.

Later, Eva Marie tells Jonathan that they don’t have to have a Catholic wedding. Eva tells Jonathan that she loves him for not compromising his values. Jonathan is happy that Eva Marie stood up for their relationship. Eva thinks this whole situation just made them even stronger as a couple.

The next day, John Cena and Nikki Bella are having brunch. After some compliments, Nikki starts hyping up Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s Bed and Breakfast. Nikki Bella starts to pitch the idea of John loaning Bryan and Brie $100,000 for the Bed and Breakfast.


After Nikki confesses that she already told Brie that he’d help, Cena tells Nikki “No.”

John Cena tells Nikki Bella that the reason he doesn’t want to give them the money, is that they have no experience and he has had past experiences with family asking for money, and failing. Cena understands Bryan and Brie’s situation, but thinks it’s a huge risk to do. Nikki apologizes, but Cena knows her heart was in the right place.

Daniel Bryan asks Brie Bella if she asked John Cena for a loan. Brie lies, but eventually admits that she asked for a loan. Bryan is upset that Brie asked him and that she should have talked to him about it. Bryan is upset because it makes him look like he can’t take care of his family. Bryan reminds Brie that they are married and that it’s not about her, it’s about them. Bryan walks off, upset at Brie, but Brie says she did it for Bryan.

Later, Rosa Mendes allows Summer Rae to ride with her and Natalya. When Natalya finds out, she is furious. Rosa’s defense is that she paid for half of the car and hopes that this car ride will force the two to make up.

While Natalya, Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae drive, Natalya brings up Summer Rae slapping her a few months ago. Natalya and Summer Rae get into an argument about her nose. Summer and Natalya continue to argue, bringing up old things like Natalya calling Summer a stripper. Rosa Mendes has no idea what to do.

Summer Rae wants Natalya to tell her what’s wrong, but Natalya continues to beat around the bush Summer asks if this is how Natalya treats Tyson Kidd and Natalya retaliates by pulling the car over and starts taking out her luggage.

Natalya tells Summer Rae that she’s lucky that she hasn’t ripped out her fake hair. Summer says her hair is real, unlike Natalya’s mullet. Summer tries to close the door again, but Natalya opens the door and pulls her out of the car.


Natalya and Summer Rae start fighting until Rosa Mendes breaks them up. Summer Rae calls Natalya psycho, as Rosa tries to get everyone to stop fighting again. Natalya starts to walk, and Summer says it’s good because she needs exercise. Natalya fires back by saying Summer Rae has cellulite.

As Summer Rae and Natalya fight, Rosa Mendes says she’s about to have a breakdown and wants them to stop fighting. Rosa says she will drive to the hotel, and wants everyone to stop talking. Both Natalya and Summer Rae eventually listen to Rosa.


Later, at RAW, Natalya apologizes to Rosa Mendes for everything that happened last week. Natalya says last night, she questioned Rosa’s friendship after offering to give Summer Rae a ride. Rosa says her idea was to get them to bond, but now even she sees a side of Summer that she doesn’t like.

Natalya and Rosa Mendes make up.

Later, The Bella Twins are at Wizard World, talking to the security guard about Daniel Bryan. Brie says that he’s healing, but Nikki isn’t helping the process.

While signing autographs, Nikki Bella tells Brie Bella that she was wrong and that she had to share the money situation with Daniel Bryan. Brie understands she was wrong. Nikki suggests Brie should get a Staging License in Real Estate. Brie doesn’t want to do that since Nikki will be her boss.

Later, Brie Bella is playing with Josie until Daniel Bryan comes inside. Brie apologizes to Bryan for going into Panic Mode and creating more of a mess for the two of them. Bryan thanks Brie for apologizing and tells her that her heart was in the right place. Bryan reminds Brie that they have to talk about big decisions. Bryan says anything over $100 they should talk about, including drinks. Brie claims alcohol makes her decompress. Bryan jokes that he’s seen Brie Mode and that’s not coherent.

So That Happened:

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