So That Happened: #TotalDivas Recap (03/23/14)


Nikki Bella walks up to John Cena, who gives her roses and asks how she’s been.

John Cena tells Nikki Bella that he was obsessively thinking about their argument that he was a different man before her. Cena tells Nikki that he is a better person now that he’s met her, and although he’s a weird person, he’s in love with her.

John Cena brings up the disagreement and tells Nikki Bella that she was right. Cena brings up the sacrifices that Nikki has made for the relationship and he wants to make some sacrifices for her. As for other things, Cena wants to wait till further down the line to discuss it. Cena tells Nikki he wants to be with her, if she’ll have him. Nikki Bella agrees and they kiss.

Nikki Bella tells John Cena that she still wants marriage and kids, but Cena says they’ll talk about that later.


At RAW, Natalya and Summer Rae are having a match. Backstage, Eva Marie and Cam’ron are watching the match together.

Eva Marie says Cam’ron is one of her good friends and they have a lot in common since they get a lot of heat for not being brought up through the independent scene.

Backstage, Brie Bella asks Nikki Bella if she can borrow a pair of heels since she didn’t bring any. Nikki tells Brie that they’re on John Cena’s bus. Brie Bella sees John Cena’s Tour Bus and it’s…

Nikki Bella talks about how great John Cena’s bus is as Brie continues to be impressed. Nikki explains that Cena got the bus because it puts years on his caareer. Brie tells Nikki that since they have a 5-Day Tour coming up, she is going to suggest to Daniel Bryan that he try having a bus.

Nikki Bella tells Brie Bella to look up at the ceiling. Brie notices a mirror on the ceiling and is even more impressed. Nikki takes it too far by telling Brie that she watches herself having sex on the tour bus.

One Week Later, the Total Divas are greeting fans and doing their Total Diva Brunch. Nikki apologizes for having workout clothes on because she just came from the gym. The Total Divas talk about dieting and sleep.

Brie Bella brings up that she asked Daniel Bryan about renting a bus. Daniel Bryan doesn’t want to do it because it’s just the two of them and gas is expensive.

Brie Bella tells the Total Divas that she proposed the idea of all of them on the bus together for the 5-Day Tour, and that Daniel Bryan was on board with it. Brie tells Natalya and Naomi that Tyson Kidd and Jimmy Uso can come. Nikki Bella refuses to go because she just got back together with John Cena.

Eva Marie asks if Summer Rae can be on the bus and Brie tells Eva that she can. Natalya doesan’t want to be on the same bus as Summer Rae since they can’t even be in the same room together. Natalya says over the weekend, she changed in the hallway due to her tension with Summer Rae.

Naomi asks if Cam’ron is invited (She is.) Nikki jokes that they should’ve joked and told Cam’ron that she wasn’t allowed on the bus.

Summer Rae walks up and tells Eva Marie that she has her luggage, because they have a photoshoot to get to. Natalya tells Summer Rae that they haven’t had breakfast yet, but Summer insists they have to go. After Eva leaves, Natalya complains about Summer Rae some more.

Summer Rae asks Eva Marie if they were talking about her while she wasn’t there. Eva Marie tells Summer Rae about Brie Bella’s Bus Idea and Natalya not wanting Summer on the bus. Summer Rae says that Nattie talks about everyone, and if she focused more on her career than gossip, then she should be Divas Champion.

Summer Rae asks why Natalya has a problem with her, and Eva Marie thinks it’s because, “she’s blonde, dude.” Eva also thinks Summer is a threat to Natalya. Summer Rae and Eva Marie make fun of Natalya further mocking her fashion sense, including Natalya’s “NFL Linebacker” shoulderpads and “1-Inch Grandma Heels.”

After making fun of Natalya, Summer Rae and Eva Marie agree to have each other’s backs.


Backstage, Natalya walks up as Cam’ron is taking photos of Eva Marie. Natalya reveals that she got locked out of her own Instagram account. Eva Marie reveals to Cam’ron and Natalya that she will be going to Afghanistan with the WWE.

Eva Marie brags about being hand-picked by Mr. McMahon and being able to ride WWE Private Jet. Eva is very excited and claims “All Red Everything” is taking over.

After Eva Marie leaves, Cam’ron and Natalya complain about Eva Marie’s lack of humility. Natalya tells Cam’ron that in the WWE, one day you’re the Cat’s Meow, but the next day, you’re whatever’s left in the litter box.

At RAW, the Total Divas are backstage watching The Bella Twins take on AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka. Eva Marie and Summer Rae are cheering Brie Bella on.

And then this happens…

taminakickCourtesy of WrasslorMonkey

After the match, Nikki Bella sees the WWE Physician. Nikki finds out that she got her tooth knocked out by Tamina Snuka. The Physician tells Nikki that she will have to get dental surgery in the near future.

Nikki Bella thinks that she looks like a bum because of her missing tooth and thinks John Cena will find her hideous because of it. Nikki refuses to let John Cena see her like this and asks to get on Daniel Bryan’s bus. Natalya thinks Nikki should tell Cena, but Nikki just wants to get on the bus.


After RAW, The Total Divas Crew gets on Daniel Bryan’s bus.

Daniel Bryan explains his rules for the bus.

1. NO! Pooping on the bus and NO! Tampons.
2. NO! Sex On The Bus. This is an Erection-Free Zone.
3. YES! If you’re annoying, you get booted off the bus.

Nikki Bella says that John Cena’s bus is way better than this. Tyson Kidd thinks Nikki Bella will be the first one kicked off the bus. Nikki Bella says the only reason she is on this bus is because of her injury and that she doesn’t want John Cena thinking she’s ugly. Summer Rae says you can’t even see it, but Daniel Bryan makes fun of her.

The Total Divas Crew plays Truth Or Dare. Natalya asks if Summer Rae has ever slept with anyone in the WWE as the TDC makes fun, Summer Rae quickly denies this and asks if there are any rumors about her sleeping around. Bryan says he never hears rumors, but even he heard that rumor.

Summer Rae asks Tyson Kidd if Natalya is the best sex she’s ever had. Tyson tells Summer that Natalya is the only sex he’s ever had.

Summer Rae says she wanted to make fun of Nattie, but Natalya tells Summer that she doesn’t have enough ammo, then takes a shot at Summer Rae’s ring gear.

Summer Rae calls Natalya out on being intimidated by her. Summer claims it’s always hot when Summer’s around.

The Total Divas Crew is having fun on the bus. Cam’ron dares Natalya to give Tyson Kidd a lapdance. Natalya….

natalyadanceCourtesy of hiitsmekevin

Well, she tried…

The Total Divas Crew toast to the bus and Nikki Bella’s tooth. Cam’ron’s announces that she is going to be in Rolling Out Magazine. The TDC is confused, but Cam’ron insists that it’s a good magazine.

Eva Marie trumps Cam’rons news by announcing that she is going to be in the Maxim Hot 100. Cam’ron says she’s happy for Eva Marie, but thinks Eva is trying to steal someone’s thunder.

Later in the night, Cam’ron chats with Nikki Bella and Natalya about the new girls. Natalya is upset with Summer Rae’s attitude, while Cam’ron is upset with Eva Marie’s attitude. Cam’ron brings up scandalous pictures Eva Marie years ago and shows Nikki and Natalya. Nikki and Natalya do not approve of the photos.


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