Highlight Reel: Mr. Bang Bang

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The WWE Universe seems to be on an emotional roller-coaster as of late and it is all centered around the Royal Rumble. The Universe largely wants one thing: Daniel Bryan as WWE World Heavyweight championship by Wrestlemania 30. While the Voice of the Voiceless was um …busy, another prolific speaker, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley summed up our feelings via Twitter:

Mick Foley is a man of his word, all 140 characters of his word. While some may make signs saying, “If Cena Wins We Riot” or “Ryder or Riot,” Foley is putting his words to action. Sadly, The vision that many of the WWE Universe had for April 6, 2014 –  ending Wrestlemania XXX with the Superdome YESing in unison to Daniel Bryan holding both titles high above his head – did not come true. The Universe’s emotion could again be summarized by the New York Times best selling author:

So what’s a Hardcore Legend to do? He channeled his inner Cactus Jack and opted to smash a TV using a baseball bat! And he posted it on YouTube:

Dude Love lives! and he’s a member of the #YESMovement! While demolishing a television did not result in Daniel Bryan being in the main of the event of the showcase of the immortals (yet!), it was satisfying to see Foley be as frustrated as the rest of the WWE Universe.  Let’s all agree to not start “Foleying:” throwing bricks or swinging bats through our televisions. Yes, we could send a viral message to the WWE (or @midnight) but, then we wouldn’t have televisions to watch WWE programming or … you know, other TV.

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