So That Happened: #RAW Recap (01/13/14)


Match 01: The Usos vs. Daniel Bryan and The Wyatt Family

The WWE Universe tries to chant “YES!” but Daniel Bryan ignores it.

The Usos start to get the upperhand.

The Usos go for their flying Uso Splash, but Luke Harper and Erick Rowan interfere.

Winners: The Usos (Via DQ)

The Wyatt Family tries to attack The Usos, but The Usos fight back.

The Usos manage to escape.

The Wyatt Family stares down Daniel Bryan, as the WWE Universe chants “YES!”

Bray Wyatt walks over and whispers into Daniel Bryan’s ear.

Daniel Bryan gets on his knees and extends his arms to Bray Wyatt.


Daniel Bryan gets hit with Sister Abigail.

Match 02: Damien Sandow vs. John Cena


Damien Sandow hits the Edgecator on John Cena

John Cena hits a Tornado DDT on Damien Sandow.

Damien Sandow kicks out.

Damien Sandow locks John Cena in the Crossface.

John Cena ends up standing up while Sandow has him in the crossface. Cena hits Damien Sandow with the AA.


Winner: John Cena

Post-Match, John Cena hugs his Father, who is in the front row.

WWE Network Announcement:

Backstage: Brad Maddox walks up to Kane and mocks his decision making, saying that RAW is already in chaos because of his suggestions.

Kane asks Maddox if he has any suggestions, and Maddox suggests The Usos vs. The Wyatt Family in a steel cage match.

Kane thinks it’s a good idea, but he wants a steel cage match with the door locked and only he has the key.

Match 03: Big Show vs. Jack Swagger

Winner: Big Show

Post-Match, Big Show stares at Antonio Cesaro, who runs into the crowd.

Zeb Colter is checking on Jack Swagger. Rather than leave him alone, Big Show grabs Zeb Colter.

Antonio Cesaro tries to help Zeb Colter, but gets tossed over the top rope.


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