So That Happened: 06/10/13

Match 01: Triple H vs. Curtis Axel

Mr. McMahon comes out.

Mr. McMahon stops the match and declares Curtis Axel the winner

Winner: Curtis Axel

Triple H restarts the match, but Mr. McMahon comes down and says Triple H forfeits.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Triple H restarts the match again and makes it a 60 Minute Ironman Match.

Mr. McMahon comes out again tells Curtis Axel to leave because he’s already won twice tonight. Mr. McMahon takes the ringbell and leaves!

Backstage: Triple H is yelling at Stephanie McMahon about Mr. McMahon screwing him over. Stephanie pleads with “Paul” not to hurt Mr. McMahon and reminds him that McMahon is not getting any younger. Triple H reluctantly agrees, then tells Stephanie that she has to go talk to him because if he does it, Mr. McMahon’s not going to like what he has to say and how he has to say it. Stephanie agrees to talk to Mr. McMahon.

Match 02: Kane vs. Dean Ambrose

The match begins but there’s still no ring bell!

A referee comes down with the ring bell!

The Shield interferes in the match causing a DQ.

Winner: Kane (via DQ)

Post-Match, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton come out and help Kane clear the ring of The Shield.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton are arguing over the RKO from last week’s Smackdown. Kane stops Daniel Bryan from fighting Randy Orton and tells him this isn’t a fight he wants to pick. Bryan gets mad at Kane, assuming Kane thinks he can’t handle Randy Orton. Kane tries to get Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton to focus on their respective matches against The Shield, but Orton and Bryan get into another argument until Kane snaps on them.

Vickie Guerrero interrupts Daniel Bryan, Kane and Randy Orton then informs them that this Sunday at Payback, two of them will be facing Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Daniel Bryan and Kane think they’re getting a rematch against The Shield, but it’s actually Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan against The Shield! Kane is disappointed that Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton get a title match.

Vickie Guerrero comes back and tells Kane that she didn’t forget about him, and that he gets a U.S. Title Match against Dean Ambrose this Sunday. Kane tells Vickie that he always did like her then gives her a hug.

Match 03: The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes

It is announced that Fandango won’t be in the Triple Threat Match due to a concussion.

The Miz locks in the Figure Four on Cody Rhodes

Winner: The Miz

Post-Match, Paul Heyman interrupts The Miz and Wade Barrett and informs them that even though Fandango can’t compete this Sunday, there will still be a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Title. It’s going to be The Miz vs. Wade Barrett vs. Curtis Axel!

Curtis Axel takes the mic and says that the perfect ending to the match this Sunday will be him, Curtis Axel, the new Intercontinental Champion.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon tries to talk to Mr. McMahon but he’s not looking at her. Stephanie says she knows he’s upset and that he tried to protect Hunter, but what he did was embarrassing. Stephanie tells Mr. McMahon that she can relate to how proud of a man Triple H is and that Vince just walked all over him. Mr. McMahon says he heard what they both had to say about him, but his biggest problem was Triple H made his baby girl cry.

Stephanie McMahon says that Mr. McMahon made her cry because he crushed Triple H, but Mr. McMahon fires back saying to hell with Triple H’s pride. Mr. McMahon says he cares about WWE and business first. Stephanie McMahon says she cares about WWE and business too, but Mr. McMahon tells her if she does, she’ll see it his way. Mr. McMahon says no matter what, you always do the right thing for business every single time. Mr. McMahon tells Stephanie to keep Triple H away from him. Stephanie tries to get Vince to talk to Triple H, but Vince repeats Triple H’s line about not liking what he says.

Chris Jericho Speaks:

Chris Jericho welcomes us all to RAW in Jericho then says he’s said that phrase many times and faced many Superstars in his WWE Career, but CM Punk is the one that takes him to the limit and makes him a better performer. After a loud CM Punk chant, Jericho says the reason that Punk is so damn good is because Punk actually believes that he’s The Best In The World, then says he believes the same thing about himself.

Chris Jericho says he and CM Punk came into the business the same way, have the same chip on their shoulder and accepts nothing but the best. Jericho says this Sunday at Payback, Punk/Jericho III will continue the classic trilogy of matches and he promises that at Payback, CM Punk will get his best. Jericho claims he needs to beat CM Punk at Payback, but no matter what happens, after Punk/Jericho III, neither he or CM Punk will never….EEEEEEEVER be the same. Suddenly, Jericho is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler!

Dolph Ziggler comes out and tells Chris Jericho that since he was talking about the best performers in the world, he thought that this would be a perfect time to make his triumphant return to RAW. Dolph says his nameplate wasn’t even on the World Heavyweight Championship before he almost got it taken away from him because of a concussion and that wasn’t fair. Dolph says it’s pretty obvious no one ever wanted him to ever wanted to be the World Heavyweight Champion, but he came out every single night, stole the show and earned it. Ziggler says this Sunday, he’s going to prove to Alberto Del Rio that he’s the better than him in every single way.

Dolph Ziggler continues to talk about how he’s better than Alberto Del Rio until Chris Jericho interrupts Dolph Ziggler with “Blahs.” Jericho calls Dolph Ziggler out on wasting time talking about this Sunday when tonight is Monday Night RAW. Jericho thinks Ziggler should have a tune up match and challenges him to a match tonight.

Dolph Ziggler teases a match with Chris Jericho then accepts…on Big E. Langston’s behalf. Ziggler says he’ll be at Payback then tells Big E to get Jericho.

Match 04: Chris Jericho vs. Big E. Langston

Alberto Del Rio attacks Dolph Ziggler from behind. Big E. Langston gets distracted and gets a Codebreaker from Chris Jericho.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Post-match, Chris Jericho puts on JBL’s hat and celebrates.

Match 05: Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara (with Zeb Colter on commentary)

 Sin Cara’s Marilyn Monroe impression:

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Wyatt Family Promo:

Backstage: Brad Maddox watches Vickie Guerrero eat a Hardee’s Burger for product placement until Mr. McMahon interrupts them and scolds Vickie Guerrero about manners. Mr. McMahon complains about the Face-To-Face tonight with Ryback and John Cena, claiming someone will get hurt. McMahon tries to get Vickie to make a different match, but Brad Maddox chimes in and suggests to put the lumberjacks outside the ring so Cena and Ryback won’t attack each other. McMahon like the idea and tells Vickie that she should share her burger with Maddox then walks off.

Match 06: Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

Daniel Bryan makes his way down to the ring.

The match begins:

Seth Rollins interferes, then Daniel Bryan comes in. Orton throws Seth Rollins out of the ring then Daniel Bryan dives onto both Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns!

Daniel Bryan starts a “YES” chant.

Match 07: Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

Daniel Bryan locks Seth Rollins in an even more painful surfboard!

The crowd chants “NO” every time Seth Rollins punches Daniel Bryan, but chants “YES!” every time Daniel Bryan punches Seth Rollins.

Daniel Bryan does the Chaos Theory on Seth Rollins!

Roman Reigns tries to interfere but Randy Orton trips him.

Daniel Bryan does a Small Package on Seth Rollins!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Post-match, Randy Orton hits the RKO on Roman Reigns.

Kaitlyn’s Secret Admirer Revealed:

Kaitlyn tells the Secret Admirer here she is and tells the Admirer to show themselves. Out comes Big E. Langston with clothes and flowers.

Kaitlyn is shocked that it’s Big E. Langston, who hands her the flowers. Big E. tells Kaitlyn he knows this is unexpected, especially after what happened earlier. Big E. tells Kaitlyn that people only see him as Dolph’s heavy and as a guy that beats people up, but he cares about more than that. He cares about Kaitlyn, Big E. Langston confesses to Kaitlyn that ever since he first laid eyes on her, she was all he could think about, but he didn’t know how to tell her until now.

Big E. wraps his arms around Kaitlyn, dips her and looks like he’s about to kiss her, but drops Kaitlyn instead!

AJ Lee comes out skipping!

AJ Lee asks Kaitlyn if she feels worthless, alone and broken because that’s how AJ felt when Kaitlyn abandoned her during her times with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and John Cena. AJ claimed all three Superstars used her and shattered her like glass then calls Kaitlyn out on chasing the Divas Title instead of helping her best friend. AJ says even shattered glass, if you handle it wrong, can cut you pretty deep.

Kaitlyn calls AJ crazy, but AJ laughs it off and tells Kailtyn that she’s smart. AJ tells Kaitlyn that she used to put her on a pedestal, but now she gets to shove Kaitlyn off and laugh as she falls all the way down. AJ calls Kaitlyn sad, weak and pitiful trash who has no one or friends and claims no one gives a damn about her. AJ says the only think Kaitlyn has that’s worth anything is the Divas title, but come Sunday, Kaitlyn won’t even have that.

AJ tells Kaitlyn that she’s not going to like how this story ends because she’s going to lose and AJ will get everything that she ever wanted. AJ claims Kaitlyn is going to run back to whatever trailer park she ran out of with a remote in one hand, junk food in the other, eating her emotions like a worthless, pathetic, useless unloveable cow. Kaitlyn responds like this…

 Kaitlyn attacks AJ Lee until AJ manages to break free and run away. AJ laughs at Kaitlyn, blows a kiss then skips off as Kaitlyn looks sad in the ring.

Match 08: Damien Sandow vs. R-Truth

Damien Sandow says for the last fortnight, he’s been engaged in a battle of wit against the “Not-So Great White” Sheamus, a battle that was clearly won by him. Sandow says this Sunday at Payback Kickoff, he will prove that he is not only Sheamus’ intellectual superior, but also his physical superior. Sandow claims he’s going to do the same thing to his ignoramus opponent this evening.

Winner: Damien Sandow

Post-Match, Sheamus interrupts Damien Sandow’s victory to “congratulate him.” Sheamus brings up his match against Damien Sandow at Payback Kickoff and thinks kicking off Sandow’s head is the perfect way to start the PPV.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon tells someone to find Mr. McMahon and meet him in their office because it’s about business. Stephanie tells someone else to find Triple H and meet her in their office and that it’s personal.

Backstage: Stephanie McMahon brings Mr. McMahon and Triple H into the same office and the two start arguing until Stephanie McMahon screams, tells them to work it out and leaves.

Triple H wants an apology but Mr. McMahon tells him that he did the right thing because Triple H is bigger than Curtis Axel. Mr. McMahon talks about Triple H’s career and accomplishments and calls him an icon, but wants him to be more than that. Mr. McMahon tells Triple H he wants him to be the man who sits behind the desk with a pencil and eraser that tells people to “Go To Hell!” when he needs to.

Mr. McMahon calls himself a giver and Triple H calms down. Mr. McMahon gives Triple H the match against Curtis Axel, but Triple H doesn’t want it anymore. The two argue about the match until Stephanie McMahon walks in and suggests that they hug it out. After some convincing, the three do a group hug then Mr. McMahon walks off.

John Cena/Ryback Face-Off:

The Lumberjacks Walk Out:

Ryback refuses to come to the ring and John Cena calls him out on not wanting to meet face-to-face. Cena brings up Vickie Guerrero bringing out the lumberjacks for tonight but mentions that this Sunday will be different because the lumberjacks will make sure Ryback doesn’t pull a stunt like this. Ryback claims he can tear through Cena, the lumberjacks and everyone in the audience if he wanted to. Ryback says he’s standing her for Cena’s benefit, not his. Cena calls him out on trying to send a message of pain, and he gets that, but Ryback cuts Cena off when Cena mentions the WWE Championship.

Ryback claims he should’ve been the WWE Champion at least three times by now, but he was screwed over. Cena brings up giving Ryback his spot at Hell In A Cell, which Ryback agrees, but adds on that’s when the problems started. Ryback says he got too good too fast which made John Cena go to damage control. Ryback claims Cena only had Ryback’s back when it suited him, but most of the time left him high and dry.

John Cena calls Ryback a man and asks Ryback if he wanted him to hold his hand and change his diaper. Ryback tries to speak but Cena tells him to shut up. Cena claims he’s been here a long time, had no guardian angel to watch his back and didn’t need one if he wanted to be the WWE Champion. Cena calls Ryback the most genetically gifted Superstar in the WWE, but claims he spends too much time bitching and making excuses. Cena says he’s going to walk into Hell this Sunday, but walk out screaming “The Champ Is Here!”

Ryback says John Cena can say whatever he wants but he can see Cena’s full of crap. Ryback tells Cena that if he thinks that he’s going to back down this Sunday, Cena’s out of his mind. Ryback claims the legend of John Cena will end this Sunday at Payback when he finally becomes WWE Champion. Ryback says 8 months ago, Cena gave him his spot, but this Sunday, Ryback will take his spot. Cena takes off his shirt and says that this Sunday, for either him or Ryback, “Payback’s a bitch!” Cena charges at Ryback but is stopped by the Lumberjacks.

Ryback tries to attack John Cena but Cena pulls down the top rope. The lumberjacks throw John Cena in the ring.

Ryback and John Cena try to fight each other, but the lumberjacks hold them back.

So That Happened:

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