So That Happened: 04/15/13

Match 01: Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. Big Show

Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick on Big Show followed by Randy Orton hiting the RKO on Big Show. 

Winners: Randy Orton and Sheamus

Backstage: Josh Mathews is backstage with 3MB. 3MB says they’re calling out The Shield.

3MB Calls Out The Shield: 

 Heath Slater says last week, 3MB was going to make an example out of Triple H, but The Shield ruined it. Jinder Mahal says they’re the only three man trio. Drew McIntyre tells The Shield to come out here and hand them a hand written apology right now.

Brock Lesnar’s theme plays!

Brock Lesnar destroys 3MB. Giving Heath Slater several F-5’s.

Paul Heyman says that his client Brock Lesnar came for a fight and wants Triple H. Heyman reminds us that Triple H knocked out Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Heyman calls Triple H a warrior and says he would shake his hand if he were in the arena and say that he respects him for what he did at Wrestlemania. Heyman says Brock Lesnar doesn’t share his opinion and points out that it’s 1-1 between Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman suggests to solve this problem by having a match between Triple H and Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules in an Old School Steel Cage Match. Heyman says he and Brock have two words for Triple H, “Challenge Issued.”

Match 02: Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston (U.S. Championship)

Antonio Cesaro starts yodeling

After a series of counters and close calls, Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise!

Winner AND ONCE AGAIN United States Champion: Kofi Kingston

Josh Mathews asks Kofi Kingston what he has to say about winning the United States Championship. Kofi Kingston says he brought the United States Championship back home!

Dolph Ziggler Speaks:

Dolph Ziggler says cashing in his Money In The Bank contract last week and becoming World Heavyweight Champion was the single greatest moment in the history of Monday Night RAW, and it was all because of him. Ziggler asks how can he top that and he answers that it’s easy since there has never been a World Heavyweight Champion as charismatic, as athletic and as flamboyant as him. Ziggler says he is just too good and doesn’t care who boos him. Ziggler gives examples of Showing Off by referencing NFL Touchdowns and Louisville NCAA’s Basketball wins then says Showing Off is what you do when you’re better than everyone else, and that he backs it up every single night.

Dolph Ziggler says when you’re as good as he is, perks like fame, fortune, everyone wanting your autograph and AJ come your way. Dolph kisses AJ then says no one will ever be as good as him until Alberto Del Rio interrupts him.

Alberto Del Rio says that last week he congratulated Dolph Ziggler and told him that when the time was right, he’d invoke his rematch clause and that time is now. Dolph Ziggler tries to talk his way out of a rematch with Alberto Del Rio, but Vickie Guerrero interrupts and makes the match official.

Before the match begins, Jack Swagger’s theme plays and he comes down to the ring with Zeb Colter. Colter says that there wouldn’t be a Money In The Bank cash in or Dolph Ziggler as World Heavyweight Champion without Jack Swagger. Colter says Jack Swagger is a Real American and Real Champion and neither Ziggler nor Del Rio deserves to be World champion. Jack Swagger tries to attack Alberto Del Rio but Del Rio knocks him out of the ring.

Alberto Del Rio sets his sights on Dolph Ziggler but Big E. Langston gets in the way. Jack Swagger takes advantage and attacks Alberto Del Rio from behind. Swagger does more damage to Del Rio’s ankle then locks him in the Patriot Lock.

Match 03: Team Hell No vs. The Prime Time Players

It’s announced that next week on RAW, The Undertaker will team with Kane and Daniel Bryan to take on The Shield:

Winners: Team Hell No

Ryback Explains His Actions:

Ryback says Wrestlemania was the greatest night of John Cena’s career and the worst night of his. Ryback says John Cena beat The Rock, won the WWE Championship, found redemption and was on top of the world, while he lost and was on the bottom. Ryback says that there’s only one way for both of them to go: Ryback Up, Cena down, then shows a clip of him attacking John Cena last week.

Ryback assumes John Cena wants to know why he attacked him last week, but says what choice did he have. Ryback mentions John Cena reaching out to him when he first came to the WWE, telling the WWE Universe that they were friends and giving Ryback the WWE Title Shot back in October when Cena was injured (Flashback.) Ryback says John Cena claimed to always have his back, but now he realizes a friendship with John Cena means floating in the shadows of John Cena.

Ryback says he is not an afterthought or a sidekick and there is no light bright enough, not even John Cena to eclipse the force known as Ryback. Ryback compares John Cena to Superman and tells him to say Hello to Kryptonite. Ryback says during John Cena’s Road To Redemption, he left Ryback to fend for himself. Flashback to The Shield triple powerbombing Ryback the second time.

Ryback calls John Cena out on his absence when Ryback was so close to winning the WWE Championship then shows a clip of The Shield attacking him on January 7th. Ryback says he was attacked by The Shield 6 times and that Cena claimed he could be trusted, but he was nowhere to be found. Flashback to The Shield jumping Ryback last month and Mark Henry.

Ryback reminds us that he was there for John Cena when Cena was attacked by The Shield, then brings up that Cena got lucky at the Royal Rumble. After a Royal Rumble Flashback, Ryback claims John Cena left him to fend The Shield off by himself again. After a Flashback to Elimination Chamber, Ryback says John Cena only cared about winning the WWE Championship then congratulates him on his victory.

Ryback claims John Cena joking around last week was him acting like no one else deserved to be there, as if Ryback didn’t exist and that the title didn’t belong to him. Ryback says he sat back and waited for John Cena to say something but he didn’t. Ryback said Cena tried to keep him in Cena’s shadow, but last week he stepped out and now John Cena has no choice but to see Ryback for what he really is: The Biggest Threat to Cena’s WWE Title Reign EVER. Ryback breathes hard then ends his speech with “Ryback Rules.”

Match 04: R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett

Winner: R-Truth?!

Backstage: Teddy Long interrupts Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero and says that he’s got a set up. Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler tonight and he gave Jack Swagger extra incentive. Vickie Guerrero likes Teddy Long’s proposal.

Match 05: Santino Marella and The Great Khali vs. Team Rhodes Scholars

Damien Sandow quotes a famous philospehr saying, “We are but dwarves on shoulders of giants.” Cody Rhodes says he and his best friend Damien Sandow, will be like the proverbial dwarves and giants as they advance the course of decency for all. Sandow trashes North Carolina then says “You’re Welcome!”

Winners: Team Rhodes Scholars

Jerry Lawler introduces Fandango. Jerry Lawler speaks about the Fandango craze then shows clips of people Fandangoing.

Jerry Lawler introduces Fandango who makes his entrances.

Jerry Lawler is about to ask Fandango a question, but Fandango cuts him off and asks Lawler how his hips are feeling. Lawler says they’re still here and Fandango asks if Lawler can move his hips. Lawler leaves as Fandango asks the crowd who wants to go Fandangoing with him.

Fandango tells the WWE Universe before they can go Fandangoing they need to pronounce his name right. Fandango does a long tutorial about how to pronounce his name.

Fandango says since no one can pronounce his name right, there will be no Fandangoing and that the WWE Universe can “Go Fandango Yourself.”

Backstage: Matt Striker asks John Cena about Ryback. Cena says he knows Ryback has a problem with him, but he’s not hard to find. Tonight, Cena will even put on his yellow shirt and go face to face with Ryback like a man.

Match 06: Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler

Jack Swagger does a roll up and holds the tights.

Winner: Jack Swagger?!

Post-Match, Alberto Del Rio attacks Jack Swagger then puts his arm in the Cross Armbreaker.

Backstage: Sheamus is about to speak with Matt Striker but Mark Henry tackles him through the RAW backstage then screams “THAT’S WHAT I DO!”

CM Punk Speaks:

CM Punk struggles to get the words out until he says for 434 Days as WWE Champion, he couldn’t enjoy the ride because he didn’t know what was next. Punk says he dedicated his life to the WWE Championship, but wanted to know what was next and that was The Rock. After facing The Rock, CM Punk wanted more and set his sights on The Streak at Wrestlemania. Punk says he pushed The Undertaker to the limit as a mixed Undertaker/CM Punk chant breaks out.

After a long pause, CM Punk hands Paul Heyman the mic then walks away.

Backstage: Booker T yells at Teddy Long for going over his head, but Teddy Long says Jack Swagger is the number one contender. Booker T disagrees and says Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger will both get their World Heavyweight Championship matches in a triple threat match against Dolph Ziggler.

Match 07: Kaitlyn vs. Nikki Bella

The Bellas do Twin Magic and get the victory.

Winner: Nikki Bella

John Cena calls out Ryback:

John Cena screams “The Champ Is HERE!” and The Ryback is “There” (Backstage) Cena calls “The Ryback” out, who comes out to the ring.

John Cena talks Ryback’s dominance and mentions that he should be shaking in his boots ready to wet his khakis. Cena tells Ryback that Ryback showed him what kind of man that is. Cena says he made an open challenge to any WWE Superstar, but Ryback waited for his back to be turned to knock him down. Hearing boring chants, Cena spins it around by saying Ryback made the WWE Universe sit through a boring highlight reel.

John Cena says Ryback knocked him down once and calls Ryback out on his statement about being the biggest threat to the WWE Championship. Cena says he’s been to war with Superstars Randy Orton, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and that’s a list of his friends, but as friends they beat the hell out of each other. Cena says friends is something but the WWE Championship is everything.

During John Cena’s promo The Shield is briefly shown getting ready:

John Cena tells Ryback that he understands what Ryback did last week, but he just doesn’t like how he did it. Cena tells Ryback that with all of Ryback’s muscles, he lacks the two things needed to be a champion: The space between his ears and a piece between his legs.

John Cena says last week Ryback held on to the WWE Championship after his attack, but this week, it needs to be a little bit different. Cena takes off his shirt and says this week Ryback should try and earn the WWE Championship.

John Cena and Ryback get face to face until Ryback walks away.

The Shield comes down to the ring and surround John Cena as Ryback watches.

The Shield jumps John Cena as Ryback stands there and watches.

Ryback walks away leaving John Cena to get Triple Powerbombed.

The Shield celebrate over a fallen John Cena

So That Happened:

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