The Leftorium: Sweet Relief

ThreeEyedFish will Peddle Some Wares at The Leftorium

Image Courtesy of TheLeftorium

In Season 2, Episode 5 of The Simpsons, “Dancin’ Homer,” Marge said it best: “A Simpson on a t-shirt. I never thought I’d see the day…” 

Image Courtesy of The Simpsons Wiki

Already meta-critiquing itself as its legendary run was taking off, the people behind The Simpsons branding took a page from Krusty the Klown: If it’s made, put a Simpson on it. But sometimes the best Simpsons products are fan created. sometimes the worst ones are two, especially if you were familiar with the “Black Bart” fad of the 90’s. Right now, on, there is a great fan inspired Simpsons shirt.

Image Courtesy of

This shirt is a nice tribute to The Simpsons and Homer’s love – possible obsession? – with doughnuts. And a not to the Baking Industry. And who can blame them? Mmm … Doughnuts. And like a sweet, sweet doughnut in the household or workplace of Homer Simpson, it won’t last long. Go get one!

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