SuperNintendo Chalmers: Name That D’Oh!

When Springfield Elementary’s GPA Drops, SuperNintendo Chalmers gets a Call
How well do you know The Simpsons? When you do a bad deed, do you sing “I Am Evil Homer” to yourself or aloud? Do you play the Saxamaphone? Well none of that matters. This is the Internet. There’s a Foolproof* way to see how smrt you are (that’s the Springfield spelling.)!
Over on Sporcle, there is a name that character quiz for the world of Springfield, USA. Actually, there are two quizzes. Warm yourself up with the Main Character Quiz.
See if you can name all 63 of them in the 10 minutes they give you. After warming your brain up on that, try out the 96 name Supporting Character Quiz.
*If you can’t name them, Don’t Worry: Neither can Homer.
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1 Response to SuperNintendo Chalmers: Name That D’Oh!

  1. Trevor says:

    Some of the characters need to be swapped.

    Crazy Cat Lady, Disco Stu, Brandine and Duffman are minor characters but they’re in the main characters quiz.

    And then vice versa goes for Jimbo, Kearney, Dolph, Sherri & Terri, Bumblebee Man, Miss Hoover and Database


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