Snapshots: You Can’t Tee Me

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John Cena appeared on RAW this week with a new t-shirt, a yellow one.  The last person to wear a yellow shirt on RAW – CM Punk – wasn’t well received. While Punk’s shirt seemed to bring out anger from the WWE Universe, Cena’s shirt was simultaneously new and oddly familiar. Cena’s shirts invoke the other famous color schemas: the Green Bay Packers, a John Deere tractor, the Miami Dolphins, the Los Angeles Lakers, the AWA. His shirts are like a Rorschach test: they tell you more about yourself than they do about Cena. His yellow shirt reminds me of UMich and … The Steiner Brothers.

Image Courtesy of TimeTravel6000v2 from DeviantArt

But the most shocking John Cena shirt I saw all week was stupefying for exactly the OPPOSITE reason: its absence of everything.

I barely recognized that it was John Cena on the cover of Men’s Fitness! First of all, I didn’t even know John Cena owned another black t-shirt. Secondly, I didn’t think John owned any plain t-shirts. Where’s the tiny replica of himself? Or one of his catchphrases? Then I thought, “Maybe that was being saved for the inside pictorial?”

Images Courtesy of Men’s Fitness

NOPE!! Plain Gray Shirt?!? Who is this man?!? For once, his catchphrase came true: I CAN’T SEE Him! Is this the Wrestlemania John Cena? No color, no jokes, just weights? John Cena always seemed like the kind of wrestler that wore his merchandise even when he wasn’t wrestling. You know, like the time he wore his t-shirt, jorts and knee pads on RAW the day AFTER being “fired” from the WWE? If this is truly the Wrestlemania John Cena, then it’s a John Cena we’ve not seen before. I’m not sure I’m ready.

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