So That Happened: 11/26/12

RAW kicks off with Wreck It Ryback again.

Match 01: Wreck It Ryback vs. Titus O’Neil

Winner: Wreck It Ryback

Wreck It Ryback grabs the mic and says whether it’s CM Punk, Three Outsiders Dressed In Black, or all four of them, he’s going to stand here all damn night until he gets what he wants. Ryback leads the crowd in a “FEED ME MORE” Protest.

RAW comes back from commercial with Ryback chanting “FEED ME MORE.” Top Flight Security comes down to the ring and try to remove Ryback.

Ryback chucks the Kofi Kingston looking security guard then tells the others to “Do Something.”

Vickie Guerrero walks out and says that she is a very understanding person. Vickie says she knows Ryback feels embarrassed after being put through a table twice last week and being robbed at Survivor Series. Vickie tells Ryback that despite this, Ryback is not allowed to hold RAW hostage or destroy security. Vickie is about to reprimand Ryback, but he cuts her off by saying Vickie has no choice and demands CM Punk at the TLC PPV. Ryback says he’s not going anywhere until he gets what he wants.

Vickie Guerrero reluctantly agrees to give Ryback his shot at CM Punk at the TLC PPV, then politely asks Ryback to leave the ring. Ryback tells her to shut up and says he wasn’t finished speaking. Ryback says he wants CM Punk at TLC in a TLC Match and if Vickie doesn’t give him what he wants, there’s no amount of security that will stop him from tearing the ring from post to post.

Vickie Guerrero gives into Ryback’s demands under the condition that he leaves the ring so that she can get on with the show. A loud “Feed Me More” chant breaks out as security runs from the ring. Ryback gets embraes the cheers then finally leaves the ring

Backstage: Rosa Mendes confronts Hornswoggle over the flowers incident from last week. Hornswoggle tells Rosa that it was just a joke then calls her conceited for thinking that someone would actually want to kiss her and give her flowers.

Rosa yells at Hornswoggle in Spanish until Alberto Del Rio walks up. Del Rio tells Rosa that Hornswoggle is doing this because he knows no woman would ever take him seriously. Del Rio says if revenge is what Rosa’s looking for, he would be more than happy to help. Del Rio is about to seek revenge, but The Great Khali interrupts and tells Del Rio to leave his friend alone. Del Rio backs off as The Great Khali and Hornswoggle high five then walk off.

Match 02: Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero is reading the WWE Kids Magazine to see if Dolph Ziggler finished the maze. CM Punk walks in with Paul Heyman as Vickie looks annoyed. Punk demands an explanation from Vickie for giving Wreck It Ryback a WWE Championship match at TLC. Vickie tells Punk not to talk her like that, but CM Punk continues. Paul Heyman calms the situation then tells Vickie that she has to understand CM Punk’s gripe here. Heyman blames Vickie Guerrero being involved with the AJ Lee scandal on why she’s not thinking with a clear head. Vickie says her head is perfectly clear and explains that she gave Ryback a match a TLC because of what happened at Hell In A Cell and Survivor Series. Vickie forgets Reign’s name.

CM Punk says that he had nothing to do with either situation and is interested to hear what Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns have to say as well. Vickie Guerrero tells Punk that he’ll do more than that because he has a match tonight against the winner of the #RAWActive Poll between Daniel Bryan and Kane. CM Punk asks what’s wrong with her, but Vickie implores that she’s done here then walks off. Punk continues to ask what’s wrong with Vickie.

Michael Cole’s interview with the NXT Guys:

Michael Cole introduces Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns then reminds us of their attack at Survivor Series. Cole says many people are asking questions, but Ambrose cuts Cole off and asks who these people are. Ambrose tells Cole if he has a question to ask them, just ask. Cole asks if they’re working with CM Punk and Ambrose responds with…

Courtesy of dbryans

Michael Cole says if they’re not working for Punk, then why are they here? Seth Rollins says that’s the question that Michael Cole should be asking. Rollins says they sat down in NXT and they saw things crystal clear. Rollins says everyone around here answers to the Vickie Guerrero’s and Booker T’s of the world, and that Vickie Guerrero and Booker T answer to the Board Of Directors and that the Board Of Directors have to answer to the WWE Universe. Rollins calls this cycle a popularity contest and thinks it’s wrong.

Seth Rollins says the NXT Trio saw things heading in the wrong direction and they righted those wrong. Rollins tells Michale Cole that they are a shield for injustice in the WWE. Cole says there’s no denying that everything they’ve done so far has benefitted CM Punk.

Dean Ambrose says it’s not about benefitting CM Punk. It’s about right and wrong. Ambrose says CM Punk was forced to defend the title against two guys they already defeated, which is wrong so they stepped in. Ambrose puts over CM Punk being WWE Champion for 365 days as a milestone that should be celebrated. Ambrose says if Ryback or Cena were in the same situation, they would’ve stepped in as well. Michael Cole asks for Roman Reign’s thoughts. Roman says…

Seriously, Roman Reigns says….

Seriously, McCringleberry says, “When I want to say something. I’ll say it.” Dean Ambrose follows up with that they hear everything that’s been said and read everything that’s been written. Ambrose assures Cole that they’re not renegades or mercenaries. They’re not the Nexus and if they’re looking for the nWo, go buy the DVD. They’re about principles, and honor and where honor no longer exists, they step in. They’re a shield from injustice…aka The Shield.

 Hingle McCringleberry (Roman Reigns) finally has something to say. He says that they’ve said enough and that this interview is over. The Shield take off their mics then walks off.

A NEW Fandango Promo:

Match 03: Alicia Fox vs. Tamina


Winner: Tamina

Vickie Guerrero’s gift to John Cena and AJ Lee:

John Cena watches the footage of Dolph Ziggler getting put in the STF on Smackdown then says Ziggler had that coming, but Cena really noticed this: He’s been in the WWE for 10 years and that he’s had Wrestlemania moments with HBK, Triple H, The Rock, but last week was the most he’s ever been interrogated. Cena says that everyone wants to know if AJ was really that good of a kisser. Cena says normally, he doesn’t kiss and tell, but this time he’ll make an exception. Before he can continue, he’s interrupted by Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero brags about John Cena and AJ’s kiss because it confirms that he and AJ have been having an affair. Vickie says that since vindication has put her in the holiday mood and that it’s the season to give, she has a gift for Cena and AJ. Cena hopes the gift is retirement, but he’s wrong. Vickie got them matching bathrobes. Vickie tells Cena to try it on but he declines since he has no idea where that’s been.

Vickie Guerrero says that it’s a gift for their honeymoon phase while it lasts. Vickie says the one thing she’s going to enjoy more than watching John Cena and AJ squirm every week is watching their relationship implode when their whole world comes crashing down on them. Vickie reminds Cena of AJ’s lifestyle by bringing up her incidents with Daniel Bryan,CM Punk and Kane.

AJ Lee’s theme plays and she comes down to the ring.

Vickie Guerrero asks if AJ is going to deny any of the things she’s done, but AJ actually agrees with Vickie. AJ says in the past she’s had a lot of issues, especially when it came to men, but she’s trying to become a better person. AJ asks this whole scandal was based on the fact that AJ was GM, but she thanks Vickie Guerrero because she’s not GM anymore. And now that she’s not GM, she can date whoever she wants.

AJ Lee says she can do whatever she wants. As an example, she touches John Cena’s hair and nose, then slaps John Cena on the butt, then gets ready to kiss him until Vickie Guerrero stops them.

AJ says thanks to Vickie Guerrero a GM can’t do anything like that with talent anymore, which is a shame because that’s the only way Vickie Guerrero could ever land a man. AJ says she’s not that lovesick puppy anymore, but between the two of them, there’s only one female dog in this ring.

Note: While AJ is delerving this promo, a watch the fan in the yellow CM Punk shirt either make his 15 minutes of Fame or Audition for So You Think You Can Dance.

Vickie Guerrero gets offended and tells AJ to watch what she says until they are interrupted by Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler says that while this particular episode of the Jerry Springer show is entertaining, he’s going to have to break up the hen party. Ziggler says that the real story here is that John Cena can’t deal with the fact Dolph tackled him through the bathroom wall and Cena just laid there and took it. Vickie Guerrero laughs as Ziggler says for some reason, John Cena cheap shotted him.

Ziggler thinks the reason Cena resorted to such cowardly tactics is that last week when John Cena kissed AJ, Cena knows AJ was thinking about Dolph Ziggler the entire time. John Cena says that he knows that the sun will rise tomorrow, this is Monday Night RAW, they’re in the Lafayette Louisiana and that he’s going to stuff that briefcase down Dolph Ziggler’s throat. Vickie stops Cena then says there will be no fighting on stage or in the bathroom and that they’ll settle it in the right tonight: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler.

We’ll miss you, iCarly…

Match 04: Kofi Kingston vs. Tensai

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Post-match, Wade Barrett hands Kofi Kingston his WWE Intercontinental Title then walks away. A match is set up for them at TLC.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan tells Kane that nobody likes him, people like him and that he has proof. Kane questions Daniel Bryan’s proof then says he’s going to win. Bryan says this is not his opinion and that he has empirical polling data then shows Kane a map of all blue states. Bryan said all the states in blue voted for Daniel Bryan. And all the red states voted for Kane. Bryan says there are no red states so no one voted for Kane.

Daniel Bryan says that luckily for Kane, the votes are global so let’s look at the rest of the world map. It’s more blue states. Bryan says maybe they have polling data in Hell so maybe Kane will win there. Kane grabs Daniel Bryan by the throat then threatens to send Bryan to hell. Team Hell No is interrupted by Josh Mathews who has the reults of the #RAWActive Poll.

Kane tells Daniel Bryan that his data was skewed then says, “Red Rules!” before laughing and walking away. Josh Mathews informs Daniel Bryan that he has a match next against Rey Mysterio for the first time ever right now.

Match 05: Daniel Bryan vs. Rey Mysterio

Jerry Lawler keeps making comments about goats and goat faces.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Backstage: Del Rio and RicRod are talking and chopping in Spanish. Rosa Mendes walks over and thanks Del Rio for saving her from The Great Khali and Hornswoggle in Spangliash. Del Rio tells Rosa that if she ever needs anything, more Spanglish. Del Rio walks off as Rosa smiles.

Backstage: Josh Mathews asks Dolph Ziggler if he gave John Cena extra incentive in his match tonight due to all of his personal attacks. Ziggler mentions that he’s Mr. Money In The Bank, Beat Randy Orton, was the sole survivor and is the Main Event of RAW. Ziggler says John Cena is preoccupied with an obsessive, weak, narrow-minded, attention craving nutcase (AJ.) Ziggler says he can’t wait to see the look on her face after what he does to Cena tonight.

Recaps on Caps on Caps: The Dolph Ziggler/John Cena feud.

Match 06: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

John Cena catches Dolph Ziggler in mid-air!

Dolph Ziggler counters the AA with the Zig Zag!

John Cena kicks out!

John Cena goes outside then accidentally tweaks his knee.

Dolph Ziggler tries to hit AJ with the briefcase, but AJ Lee distracts him.

Winner: John Cena 

Post-Match, John Cena and AJ share a cotton mouthed kiss.

Match 07: Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro

Antonio Cesaro steals the show!

Gif courtesy of who1sJosh

Antonio Cesaro continues to steal the show with this uppercut!

Gif courtesy of TeamReasonable

The match is ruined when Big Show walks out with a chair, stands on the ramp and distracts Sheamus.

Winner: Sheamus (via count out)

Post-Match, Sheamus tells Big Show that if he brings the chair down to the ring, he’s going to use it. Sheamus says he heard Big Show claim that he’s going to keep the World Heavyweight Title till he retires. Sheamus says that at TLC, he’d be happy to make that Big Show’s retirement a reality. Sheamus says if he has to hit Big Show with 100 chair shots, that’s what he’ll do to make sure Big Show doesn’t walk out as champion. Sheamus reminds Big Show of Show calling Sheamus barbaric. Sheamus says if he gets another chair, he’ll remind Big Show how barbaric he really is. Big Show responds by destroying the chair with his bare hands.

Match 08: Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder

Winner: Damien Sandow

Backstage: Paul Heyman is clutching the WWE Championship until Josh Mathews walks up to him. Mathews asks Paul Heyman how he feels about CM Punk having to face Kane. Heyman fires back with better questions for Mathew’s: How does CM Punk feel being subjected to the whims of the WWE Universe. How does CM Punk feel on the 372 uninterrupted day of title reign? How does CM Punk feel about surpassing Macho Man Randy Savage’s title reign. How much injustice can CM Punk tolerate?

Match 09: CM Punk vs. Kane

Kane gets distracted by The Shield.

Winner: CM Punk 

Post-Match, The Shield attack Kane.

Daniel Bryan makes his way out for the save, but gets attacked as well.

Ryback makes his way down the ring and attacks The Shield as CM Punk flees. Ryback tries to powerbomb CM Punk but he gets speared by Roman Reigns, then is hit with another triple power bomb.

CM Punk steps on Ryback’s chest and holds up the WWE Championship.

So That Happened:

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