Snapshots: Feed Me Puns!

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share

Right now, the hottest new commodity in the WWE is The Ryback. The WWE Universe has embraced The Ryback’s hybrid motif: the face of Skip Sheffield, the clotheslines of Bill Goldberg and the singlet of Rob Van Dam. Also, The Ryback’s motto of “Feed Me More” has become the crowd’s new favorite chant. However, the WWE may have taken “Feed Me More” a bit too far:

C’mon, WWEShop! “Feed Me More Savings?” Do you really expect the WWE Universe to believe that The Ryback, when not decimating opponents, is in the Warehouse, hoisting boxes of WWE merchandise – two at a time – onto his shoulders, marching around in circles before slamming the boxes into the back of a shipping truck? Actually … if there’s video of that, that would be pretty cool.

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