So That Happened: 09/10/12

Bret Hart starts off RAW and gets a huge ovation.

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Bret Hart tries to speak but an Ole chant breaks out.

Bret Hart says it’s great to be here in Montreal and says that last time he was here, it was one of his darkest days but it was also one of the proudest. He thanks Montreal for getting him through those dark days.

CM Punk interrupts Bret Hart and comes out mocking him  As he makes his way down the ring, a fan confronts him.

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CM Punk trashes Bret Hart’s autobiography then mentions that if he wrestled Bret Hart at Survivor Series 97 instead of Shawn Michaels, he would have won, jumped ship to WCW and made sure the WWE was dead.

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Bret Hart says that the Best In The World would be Excellently Executed by the Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be. CM Punk says it drives him crazy that Bret Hart still refers to himself as that.

Bret Hart calls CM Punk out on being a coward, CM Punk calls Bret Hart out on being disrespectful and says The Hitman’s just like John Cena: Overrated and Overhyped. Punk says at Night Of Champions, he’s going to put John Cena to sleep. The Hitman fires back saying that CM Punk is putting the people to sleep right now. Punk says at NOC, he’s going to beat John Cena and leave him a broken shell of a man, just like Bret.

RAW Active:

Match 01: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. The Miz and Antonio Cesaro

During the match, Aksana decides to make herself more comfortable.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Sheamus’ Court Ordered Deposition: 

It is revealed that Sheamus is Jewish and that his last name is “Lipchitz”

At the end of the Deposition, Sheamus Brogue Kicks the camera.

Match 02: Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Alicia Fox vs.
Layla, Kaitlyn and “Handsome Eve Torres”

Winners: Layla, Kaitlyn and Handsome Eve Torres

Post-Match, Handsome Eve Torres celebrates with Layla and Kaitlyn, who are surprised by her “Act of kindness.”

Backstage: CM Punk confronts AJ Lee about having a match tonight that the WWE Universe chooses, while John Cena doesn’t have a match. CM Punk calls AJ out on still being upset that he dumped her and having a fit last week. AJ Lee says that things could be worse and that CM Punk could fight Sheamus, but she agrees with him since a Champion vs. Champion Match deserves more buildup. AJ says since Punk walked out on the people last week, the people will choose his fate this week.

CM Punk tries to leave but bumps into Brodus Clay who laughs.

Match 03: CM Punk vs. ???

The winner of the #RAWActive Poll is…

Match 03: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

Dolph Ziggler attacks Randy Orton from behind.

Winner: Randy Orton (via DQ)

Post-match, Randy Orton tries to fend off Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk but gets beaten down until Jerry Lawler interferes. Ziggler interferes, During the commercial break, AJ Lee makes a tag team match.

Match 04: Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk vs. Jerry Lawler and Randy Orton

During the match, Paul Heyman comes out and he and CM Punk talk ignoring the entire match. The camera is focused on them while Vickie Guerrero yells at Punk and Heyman to pay attention.

Dolph Ziggler falls victim to the RKO.

Winners: Randy Orton and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Backstage: Matt Striker tries to talk to CM Punk and Paul Heyman about their alliance. CM Punk replies, “I’m a Paul Heyman guy.”

Recaps on Caps on Caps: Hilarious Daniel Bryan and Kane video montage.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan and Kane get “Sleepless and Seattle’d.” Bryan was told Kane had something he wanted to say to him. Kane was told that Bryan had something to say to him. This was done by a very special guest…

Dr. Shelby….

Bryan wants to know what Dr. Shelby is doing here, and AJ Lee chimes in saying that she asked him here. AJ says Daniel Bryan and Kane were close to a breakthrough so she invited Dr. Shelby to RAW, asked for his advice and he came up with a “radical” idea.

Dr. Shelby says that this “radical” idea is based off Daniel Bryan and Kane’s ability to trust each other.

Match 05: Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder

Slater says that Ryder did something to him that Ryder’s never done with a woman…Ryder got lucky.

Zack Ryder says he’s not facing Heath Slater tonight, but another Ry- is facing him instead.

Match 05: Heath Slater vs. The Ryback

Winner: The Ryback

Introducing 3MB So The Happened’s Social Media Ambassador: Randy Orton

Backstage: The Prime Time Players yuck it up in AJ Lee’s office with a referee whistle. AJ Lee informs the PTP that they are no longer number one contenders and they have to face Daniel Bryan and Kane in a Number One Contendership Match.

Match 06: Daniel Bryan and Kane vs The Prime Time Players

Kane chokeslams Daniel Bryan on top of Darren Young allowing them to win the match.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Kane

*During the Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. The Prime Time Players match, Jerry “The King” Lawler collapsed at the announce table. While the cameras didn’t show it, the crowd and Twitter’s attention focused shifted to being concerned about Jerry Lawler’s health. Three Man Booth will not live recap the live tweeting of the situation, but will have Jerry Lawler comments at the end of the recap. 

Match 07: Alberto Del Rio vs. Tyson Kidd

An injured RicRod introduces Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio goes for the Sharpshooter but Tyson Kidd counters it.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio 

Match 08: Sheamus vs. David Otunga

WWE plugs Sheamus’ #FreeTheBrogue Tweets.

Winner: Sheamus 

Post-Match, Sheamus hits David Otunga with the Brogue Kick. AJ Lee comes out from the back. She is ready to punish Sheamus for using the Brouge Kick, but Booker T interrupts her.

Booker T scolds Sheamus then tells him if he uses the Brogue Kick one more time, before Booker T’s internal investigation is completed, Sheamus will be stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship,

Backstage: Bret Hart and Rey Mysterio have an inaudible conversation.

Touts on Touts on Touts: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth talk about Daniel Bryan and Kane being the number one contenders for their tag team titles. Well, Kofi does. R-Truth just talks about Little Jimmy.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan and Kane argue about the match and their tag team name. Dr. Shelby interrupts them ans says they should be called “Team Friendship.” Daniel Bryan and Kane scream “NO!”

Match 09: Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

The Miz distracts Rey Mysterio helping Cody Rhodes win the match

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Post-Match, Cody Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes on The Miz then raises the Intercontinential Championship in the air.

Backstage: John Cena walks towards the ring

Bret Hart interviews John Cena

Bret Hart compares John Cena and CM Punk’s rivalry to his rivalry with Shawn Michaels

Bret Hart talks about how he and Shawn Michaels used to be mutual friends and shared mutual respect for each other, but by the end of it, the feud over the WWE Championship almost destroyed their lives.

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Bret Hart says John Cena reminds him of himself, while CM Punk reminds him of the old Shawn Michaels.

John Cena thanks Bret Hart for the high praise, then says the difference between HBK and CM Punk are obvious, Shawn Michaels never portrayed something that he wasn’t. Unlike CM Punk, who claims to be the “Voice Of The Voiceless” but only cares about himself. Bret Hart asks John Cena what is he going to do to shut the “Phony Little Punk” up until CM Punk comes out and interrupts. Before Bret Hart can continue, John Cena says he’ll handle this situation.

CM Punk calls John Cena the biggest phony in the WWE, then comes down to the ring and defends himself. CM Punk says Bret Hart and John Cena are a lot alike, but that’s not a compliment. Punk says Bret and Cena were both surpassed by Superstars far superior then them.

CM Punk claims that he’s much better than Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

CM Punk says he’s better than The Rock and that he did in one night what John Cena couldn’t do to The Rock all year. CM Punk says he’s the best wrestler, talker, technician and brawler and says he doesn’t say this out of insecurity, he says these things because he is those things and that makes him anything but a phony. John Cena says that CM Punk’s statements make him a liar, a hypocrite and a conceited scumbag.

John Cena puts over Montreal as “Bizzaro World” and says they’re always honest. Cena says he’s going to take a page out of Montreal and hit CM Punk with a dose of truth. John Cena says CM Punk has been WWE Champion for 300 days and for 300 days the WWE Championship has been irrelevant.

John Cena calls CM Punk out on wanting to change the WWE. Cena says the WWE Universe was lied to. There was no Ice Cream Bars, Edgy Television or New Talent and all CM Punk wanted to do was a star. Cena says that CM Punk doesn’t even know who he is.

John Cena says that unlike CM Punk, he’s always been himself. Unlike CM Punk who’s changed numerous times, stabs friends in the back, borrows colors from Hall Of Famers, and steals the elbow of the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage because he has yet to find himself. John Cena says that being the WWE Champion doesn’t justify respect and at Night Of Champions, CM Punk is in serious jeopardy of losing the Championship.

John Cena speaks French and the crowd pops huge. CM Punk calls John Cena out for lowering himself to speaking the language of the “locals.”

John Cena gets pissed off and calls CM Punk an ignorant son of a bitch. Cena puts the fans over as the reason they are here tonight then translates his French. Cena says, ays i “You say you’re going to win at Night Of Champions, but I’m just going to kick your ass.”

CM Punk tries to attack Bret Hart but John Cena stops him. Cena takes off his shirt ready to fight, but CM Punk backs up. CM Punk tries to attack Bret Hart again but Bret Hart punches him.

CM Punk backs away as John Cena and Bret Hart stand tall in the ring. Michael Cole informs us that Jerry Lawler’s condition has stabilized and that he’s breathing on his own and that his heart is beating on its own. Michael Cole encourages thoughts and prayers for Jerry “The King Lawler” and tells Jerry to beat this thing.

So, That Happened:

Three Man Booth would like to offer our well wishes towards Jerry “The King” Lawler. Get Well Soon, King.

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