The Meme Event: Street Commentator Miz

In The Meme Event, 3MB shares wrestling inspired Memes.

On this week’s RAW, Jerry Lawler was attacked by CM Punk leaving him unable to do commentary. Michael Cole was going to do commentary alone until The Miz showed up and joined him at the announce table for the remainder of the show. It was Miz’s first time in the WWE doing commentary and we think he did well, but he said one thing that really said stood out. No, it wasn’t the argument with Layla. During the Sheamus/Jack Swagger match. Sheamus applied the Texas Cloverleaf (Get it? Because he’s Irish?) to Jack Swagger. While Swagger was writhing in pain, The Miz, in the heat of the moment screams out…
Although, The Miz has proven his street cred time and time again, we never expected him to throw slang into commentary. That being said, 3MB Presents our latest Meme: Street Commentator Miz.
Street Commentator Miz comes in two forms. One is Miz commentating on moves using street slang. The other, is Miz commentating in general using slang. 
We’ll be doling out more of these memes on our Facebook and Tumblr pages so feel free to check them out there. Miz? Thank you for the AWEEEEEEEEEEEEESOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEE inspiration for this meme, son!
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