Snapshots: Daniel Bryan vs. The World

In Snapshots, Three Man Booth searches for images to share.

   In a Triple Threat Match, it’s usually the Champion is in the disadvantaged position; they have to defeat two opponents in order to retain the title. At WWE No Way Out 2012, in the Triple Threat match – CM Punk (WWE Champion) vs. Kane (Big Red Monster) vs. Daniel Bryan (YES! YES! YES!) – the disadvantage really belongs to Daniel Bryan. If he can win, it’s only one of several fights in his future. To earn the right to date AJ, the coolest girl in the WWE, he has to best ALL of her Exes:
Credit to TrustMeImAStomach
    Incidentally, if you didn’t catch the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World reference, you should read the Books. Or watch the Movie. Or play the Videogame. Actually, please do all three.
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